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I purchased a pair of UE 5 earbuds from Anthony. Due to unforeseen weather conditions, he couldn't send them out until a couple days after the agreed upon price was determined. During this time, he offered to refund my money until he could have them sent out. I was very impressed by this.

He is also very critical of the things he sells. Had he not told me about a nick on the plastic covering a piece on the headphone, I wouldn't have noticed it. I honestly looked for it after they arrived and couldn't find it. I had to check the original sales thread to find out where it was!

All in all, barqy is a great seller in constant communication. I would do business with him again in a heartbeat.

Welcome to head-fi!
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excellent transaction!!!!

bought an ldm+ from barqy...he shipped it out the next day, express mail, got it in only a few days! excellent communication, great to deal with. i highly recommend buying from barqy!

thanks barqy, thanks head-fi

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Also got my LDM+ with him in excellent condition, and rather quick considering it was from canada. Thanks!
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Just recieved an order from anthony (barqy) and everything was recieved in order and was shipped timely. The packaging aswell as the communication is top notch!

seller really has a great eye to detail! he'll let you know all the detail/intricacy of what he's selling. really pleasant dealing with.

will definatly/recommend to do business with (as mentioned above I also had no trouble with order between canada/united states).

-trung nguyen
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Bought an LOD from him. Excellent product, and extremely fast shipping...from canada no less . Thanks barqy.
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another happy customer, I bough a diy ipod cable from barqy and couldn'e be happier. Thanks again.
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Bought silver ipod dock from barqy, very nice craftsmanship, responsive, would do business with again.
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Bought iPod LOD from Anthony, great dude to deal with.
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I got a couple of cables from barqy in trade. The cables are well made and sound great. That's not even mentioning the fact that he's a great seller.
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I bought a LOD for barqy. He was a great person to deal with and the LOD looks and sounds amazing.
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I was ordering a new soldering iron from HMC Electronics, and he just needed a couple of soldering tips, so since we're both in Canada (though at exactly opposite ends!), I offered to let barqy piggyback on my order to save on shipping and avoid minimum order charges. Communication was great through the whole discussion, and he paid very promptly. Super easy to deal with.
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I purchased an Little Dot Micro + amplifier from Barqy (Anthony) and was pleased with the amplifier & prompt shipping. He's very prompt in answering PM's and keeps you updated. I definitely recommend him!
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Just taken delivery of my i-dock from barqy and I am very impressed with his workmanship, He is also very helpful and didn't mind shipping overseas. I would recommend this guy 100%.

A pleasure doing business with people like this !!!!!!!!!!!
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Another smooth transaction for barqy. easy seller and great communication. Item was packaged excellently.
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Another great transaction, would definitely do business with him again. Bought a silver i-dock from Barqy and it works perfectly. Thanks again man!
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