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Two ounces of Salvia Divinorum!
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I was waiting on a HDMI cable until FedEx showed today.

Here's where it gets odd. I came out the door to meet the guy half way, but before we could meet in the middle he gave me the old underhanded pump fake. I though he was kidding, but he ended up throwing my package from about 20 feet into a high arc. I know I look as athletic as an outfielder, but I still couldn't believe he tossed it. The sun was behind the package. It was high noon, but I managed to make the grab. I have flickering reflexes, and the ability to process movement like a super predator. Exactly when the package left his hand, in thin air appeared a heads-up-display of the exact trajectory. It was like looking at a diagram from a physics book except projected in three dimensions on to my front yard. No way could I miss it. You should have seen me.

But that’s not the point. How did he know the content was not fragile? Could have been a Precious Moments figurine, a hand blown glass clown, or a whole box of ShockWatch® shock indicators . There sure would have been egg on his face if it had been the latter.

I love my FedEx guy. He really let me down today. I’ll forgive him though. I’ll move on.
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Originally Posted by uzziah View Post
i work for ups; we're overloaded out to hell and back; be patient or i'll throw your package in your coy pond
Are you serious?? UPS sucks! I hate them, they always deliver packages that look like they were used as the soccer ball in the world series, and they always deliver right on the scheduled date. FedEx, on the other hand, always delivers packages in pristine condition, and they ALWAYS deliver a day BEFORE the scheduled date.
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Depending on what it is, it can be down right agonizing. I almost had a postal like melt down last December when Fed Ex Home Delivery failed to deliver my "out for delivery" E5s. Of course that was on a Friday. Throughout my pc and ebay business years (10,000 packages perhaps), I never once saw a package go from "out for delivery" to "returned to depot" -that kind of crap only happens when a package is utterly crucial.
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I ordered that Ultrasone "benchmark" cd a while ago and It came the other day with NOBODY HERE TO SIGN FOR IT!

They haven't redelivered yet

I'm also waiting on a new dvd burner to arrive.
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I am waiting for my Stax Lambda Pro and SRM-1/MKII to arrive.
It should have been on the move since friday, so I expect it any day now...
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I hate UPS as well, they are just as bad here in the UK.

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No horrible experiences with FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc. here. No lost packages, everything comes on time or earlier (No specific courier ships packages faster than the other), etc.

I LOVE all three. I read so many complaints on the internet about XXX being the first courier in the world, and how they will totally beat up your package and how they will lose, never trust them ever, blah, blah...well, I've yet to have a bad experience at all with any courier, period. I guess it just always happens to other people...
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Originally Posted by etherealbeats View Post
I hate UPS as well, they are just as bad here in the UK.

On the website in ethrealbeats post there is a picture of a Gretsch guitar with the headstock broken off. It broke my heart.
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Since this is the Member's Lounge, I'll talk about my non-Head-Fi packages.

1. waited for nearly two months for books from China to arrive.
2. pre-ordered CDs back in late August; they should come in a week.
3. pre-ordered DVDs back in October; they should be here next year.

2 & 3 haven't been released, so I think it's fair. Thank goodness I'm on good terms with the postman (he's given me the approximate times he arrives). I think USPS is better than the FedEx and the UPS people.
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I live in the middle of nowhere, my street name is constantly misspelled. The packages always come early and delivery people don't care about signing because they don't want to have to redeliver. I have a secure box for them to place the package in instead.
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waitin on 4 different things to come in w/in the next 3 weeks:

re-cabled K501
re-cabled K81
2 DVDs been shipped
4 CDs been shipped
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Basically: ES2, supermini, hpdac
Oh, and I'm waiting for PK1 to get back to me.. but i just sent it off so no rush there

And once I order a Darth Beyer I'll have to wait for that as well

broke.. well, some money in my wallet once i sell the UM2
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Originally Posted by camille View Post
re-cabled K81
i have a feeling that you would receive this by.. some time next week

i have traded my woody 225 for Catwoman's dt770s..
she said she had a car accident and will send me the headphone in two weeks so... still waiting for her to get out of hospital..
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Originally Posted by 003 View Post
Are you serious??
that i'll throw your package in your pond? no

that i work for big brown? yes, and yes the company does have some ****** problems

btw: i have had to actually STEP ON packages in the delivery truck because we were so overloaded; practically swimming

my advice with UPS: pack it expecting it to be dropped off a 10-story building; cuz it just might

you've got to understand how the company works people: you've got to do atleast 5years usually working PARTTIME making little money loading packages in a hub, then if you're lucky you become a driver and have to book it around everyday, while getting berated by management that doesn't have a clue, then 30years later if you're lucky and haven't needed too many hip replacements, you could drive a "feeder" truck which basically you drive back and forth with packages at the hub; they work their employees like dogs and treat them worse; for me it's just a temporary thing, i'm a driver-helper over the holidays; which means my driver drives up to a stop, hands my a package, i run to door, drop, knock, run back, repeat over and over; we work until 9pm sometimes, and my knees have taken the brunt of the abuse; i've definitely learned it's not a company i'd care to affiliate myself with over the long run

that being said, your driver is your FRIEND; get to know them, and they'll take care of you, they're good guys (and gals), they work mad-hard and they try to do their best (generally ); but the rest of the system can suck ass most of the time

if you don't like them, don't ship with them; from experience i can tell you that probably about 25% of the packages we have at a given time are beat up, probably 10% or more are really jacked; ups is a union company, but the teamsters aren't doing much for the employees

your package WILL be thrown around MANY times
your package MAY be stepped on
your package WILL be crushed under 10 HEAVIER packages, up to 70pounds (you guys need to stop ordering loads or printer paper, you're killiing me ) and then travel around the country getting bashed about in the truck
your package WILL be dropped
your package MAY be torn open
your package MAY be misdirected
you MAY never see it ever

that being said; i've never had one problem with any packages from any shipper, ups, usps, dhl, fedex whatever, other than a computer that i shipeed myself poorly and it broke, and honestly that was my fault; and i've done ebay reselling and moved TONS of packages.....so there you go................goood luck!
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