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amplification noob needs guidance!

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on this years xmas list is a nice shiny new pair of UE super.fi 5 pros, which is all well and good, exept that at THIS price point, it really makes sense to get an amp, which as of previous i had just gone without(and therefore have no knowledge of whatsoever beyond what a cmoy is).

so ive been looking at a couple amps, the headroom airhead, the go vibe, and the xin supermini IV(streeetcchiiinggg the budget! but oh so desireable looking). i wont lie, im a basshead and often experience that horrible loss of bass that you get from stepping in a motorized vehicle on my v-6, so if would be nice if i had a little bass boost to give it a bit more of a kick in the ass! im experimenting with crossfeed tonight, to see if its something i like, and should bother shelling out cash for.

so pretty much, am i going in the right direction? any opinions/experiences/really pretty pictures on any of the amps i listed? more amps that i skipped over? dont need the bass boost for IEMs?

in case you didnt notice this amp will be used for alot of portable stuff, but also an equally large amount of sitting down stuff, so an amp that can use wallpwoer is a most. I dont know if you need to know what i listen to to help me pick an amp, so ill list it anyway

metal(death/black/power(no thrash!(exept testament)))
jazz(prefer non vocal, and non big band, but i do have a soft spot for chet baker)
punk/ska(usually recorded horribly, so prolly doesnt make a difference)
and hard rock/classic rock stuff (neil young, grateful dead, qotsa)

keep it under 200$ USD please!(in headfi language....250 max)
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*sigh* bump

come one someone must know something ANYTHING about any of these amps.

help a guy out
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