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Off the top of my head, the best SQ I've ever heard is from Dave Matthews solo album "Some Devil"
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I have to second the new Beatles album, it sounds great.
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I would also have to add 311's Transistor CD. It was released in 1997 but every time I listen to it on a set of phones I always hear new noises in the backround. A lot of the softer songs have a really warm sound to them. i believe the album was also recorded in HDCD, not really sure if that means much.
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Tri Repetae by Autechre. So clinical it's untrue.
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No expert here, but The Violent Femmes - Why Do Birds Sing? sounds really great on my KSC-75/LDM+
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Originally Posted by OceanEnthusiast View Post
i think their yoshimi/robots album sounds pretty mediocre as far as good recordings go.
That surprises me. The production's very stark, but the SQ is very vital, I think, and hearing the 5.1 mix on DVD-A is just amazing.

On the subject of The Beatle's "Love", I enjoy listening to it, and it's another album that sounds great on 5.1, but I wouldn't single it out as an audiophile recording because it has no soundstage that can be related to real people playing in real space.
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I feel the John Peel Session recordings with The Smiths are pretty good. Every instrument sounds crisp and the vocals really sing.
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I bought Neil Young's CD/DVD Praire Wind when it first came out. It has the Audio recorded at both 48K/24bit and 96K/24bit. Supposedly the highest available bitrates at the time.
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Flaming Lips - At War With the Mystics, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
Best? You mean worst, right?
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Originally Posted by kramer5150 View Post
Clapton unplugged continues to WOW me.

Even on my noobish headphone setup I've not heard more realistic accoustic guitar tones on any other of my albums.
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Originally Posted by terriblepaulz View Post
My Two Cents relatively recent:

Flaming Lips - At War With the Mystics
Sorry dude, I hate to criticise other people posts, but just to warn people off this album:
It really is the worst recorded CD of the year: I had to erase it from my digital player because it would hurt my ears, and I do like the Lips
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-Italian Job Score by John Powell. Extremely well mastered, dead quiet and very clean. You can tell they used high quality mics and equipment. Great soundstage. Has a good combination of acoustic jazz instruments plus good integration of symphony and orchestral music with a touch of electronic samples.

-RadioHead - OK Computer is also a very clean and well recorded album.

-Pixies -Doolittle, very clean no stray sounds, good soundstage, fun to listen to, well miced.

-Infected Mushroom - BP Empire. For Electronic/Acid Trance has great samples and an amazing soundstage. You can tell they use very high quality equipment. They also put in good acoustic samples. Very low noise. Extremely clean.

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Grateful Dead Movie Soundtrack, the closest Sound Quality to a live concert ever put on CD.
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