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What is the best recorded cd(SQ) you've heard?

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Just curious what you guys say the best recorded cd in terms of sound quality that you've heard is. I have a hornet on order and I would like to get some good quality recorded cds to enjoy, and when I let my friends listen to my amp I would like to give them the best first impression that I can. I don't have that many cds, about 100, and so far I think Alabama-for the record, fleetwood mac's greatest hits(I think it's greatest hits...maybe it's the best of) Crosby stills N&Y, 2 disk box set, and pink floyd(division bell) . I can tell you for certain the worst cd is aerosmith(the big ones), did the sound editor have a severe hangover or something? I have a few classical cd's that sound good like debussy for daydreamers, and antonio vivaldi's 4 seasons.
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Well... first of all I have to enjoy the tunes first. I'm not going out any buying a bunch of Michale Bolton (for example) just because it might be well recorded.

Ive always enjoyed the Telarc label for classical music. I've never heard a poorly recorded Telarc CD. Even some of their Don Dorsey synth-collections (which many classical pure-ists scoff at) sound amazing.

Clapton unplugged continues to WOW me. I take that CD to meets and listen to it on everyone's high $$$ setups and, its like each time is like hearing it for the first time.
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Dire Straits - Private Investigations has some excellently engineered tracks on it.
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Primus - Pork Soda
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OK no razzing!!!!! But the Michael Jackson History CD is recorded superbly!

The boy had major cash at that time and spared no expence in the recording process of that best of album.

Also any eric Johnson CD. and there was a Mighty Sam Mclean XRCD that was amazing but i think those didnt succeed to well because I only see them on ebay ocassionally. The JVC site says almost all the tiles are sold out. I dont think they are making much of them anymore. Anyone know about these?

Im also gonna add the Eric Clapton Sessions for Robert Johnson which is a MUST have for any blues fan. Great CD!
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The Rino,
This thread should help you out. http://www6.head-fi.org/forums/showthread.php?t=209842
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Lamb - What Sound
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Donald Fagen, The Nightfly. One of my all time favorite recordings.

Dave Weckl.. pretty much all his stuff is recorded with stellar recording quality. Not great songwriting, but great sound.
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Two I've just come across recently:

Beatles: Love
London Symphony Orchestra Live: Bernard Haitink conducting Beethoven.
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The Cardigans - Gran Turismo is really well recorded and fairly recent.

The Alan Parsons Project - I Robot is excellent imo, as well as Eye In the Sky. (iirc Alan Parsons was the recording engineer for Pink Floyd on Dark Side of the Moon)
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You guys should check out any DCC label CDs or to a lesser extent, MFSL label CDs.

They're more often than not, the definitive remasters.
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Crash Test Dummies - Songs Of The Unforgiven.
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Dunno if it's the best, but Hayseed Dixie's A Hot Piece of Grass is pretty slick sounding, and the sleeve notes give some details as to how it was produced and the kit used.
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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. period.
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