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what exactly am i in for?

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i've been waiting what seems like forever for my supreme from headroom, and i'm getting more and more impatient.

i've never heard a headphone amp before, and don't really know what to expect. i always read about dricing them better, and more detail and such, but never anything specific.

anyone care to comment on what exactly i can expect to hear from my hd-600s when i move them from the jack in my marantz cd-5000 over to the headroom supreme?

will the bass be dramatically more powerful? will some part of the range be heavily impacted? do you have to have golden ears to tell the difference apart from volume?

i'm just a bit concerned that while i love audio equipment, i can't always tell much aof a difference between some components. picking whch cdp was better was an absolute bastard, and it was hard to tell something was really better unless it was something in another league entirely.

so what do you think? will i be disappointed, or am i in for the most exquisite sound ever to have come from my sennheisers?

now i just wish they would bloody get here so i would know for myself...
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lucien, I'm not familiar with either the Supreme or the headphone jack you're currently listening to, but, from my experiences with different headphone jacks and dedicated headphone amps, I can tell you that the sound will become more "alive." There should be greater definition, tighter bass, more instrument separation. If you have any doubts about whether you can hear a difference immediately, I would recommend this: Listen exclusively to the Supreme for a few days. Then go back to your regular headphone jack. I think your questions will be answered. Hope this helps.
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hey joelongwood - just looked at your profile.

motorcycles, headphones, fountain pens... i could be looking at myself. i seem to be doing a half-assed job of things: onyl a few headphones, one amp on the way, one newish motorcycle, and half a dozen fountain pens.

perhaps i haven't yet reached your level of obsession (or perhaps income). give me time...
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lucien, everybody has to start somewhere. And it's more obsession and a very understanding wife more than it is income. After all, I'm just a poor school teacher.
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