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Elekit TG-5883 DIY tube amplifier

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Saw this :


in"Tokyo Hands" - a huge DIY (chain) shop yesterday and on impulse I bought it. Took about 45 minutes to fully assemble it and works flawlessly since (about 18 hours). 
The sound is very nice, quite different of my other AT HA-20 with the ATH A900 (yes, these cans really benefit from good amps, even at 40 ohms)... Bass is really impressive and the soundstage improved considerably.
It is based on two 5670W (made in USA) tubes.
Has anyone else experienced this kit? How about the tubes they used? Any oppinios would be really appreciated
I read around here that I could replace the tubes and experiment with sound, until I find the ideeal (or preffered) one. Any suggestions?
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Looks intersting. What did it cost you (in USD if you dont mind).
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If the price is 29,800 Yen (I don't read Japanese), then that converts to about $258 USD.

Not bad at all!

Do you know if these ship to the 'States or anywhere else in the world? That's a great price and it looks really neat. Why don't you write a full review?
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That was what I paid.. I guess about 260 USD... I might think about writing a full review, specially because it has some neat features (impedance selector, etc). I have no ideea if this sell in USA, sorry.. you might try amazon Japan...
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Sorry, no sales outside Japan - I just called them (on a Sunday afternoon someone is still working in their offices ) and they can't provide yet outside...
OTOH, I found that the 5670W they use are "military grade" - sure hope they last long enough...
As for a longer description, this amplifier comes with the boards fully assembled (but sepparated) and a complete case.
It has a very comprehensive manual (including schematics) and one could easily follow the steps just by looking at the ilustrations, ignoring the Japanese text.
If anyone is interested I could provide some scans.
It took me about 45 minutes (but I am an electrical engineer), but I guess it shouldn't take much more for the unexperienced DIY'er
The sound is quite warm and mellow, BUT, to my surprise, with really good and strong bass. My first impresison is that the sound is very natural.
It comes with a fully metalic steel case, it has different connectors (Line-in, RCA, and it supports impedances from as low as 4 ohm(with a selector for low, med and high impedance).
I use a Onkyo SE 150 PCI as source and the entire system (sound card, this amplifier and ATH A900 cans) costs $550 USD. I was able to test some more expensive (better!?) systems in shops and I find that the sound quality is quite comparable.
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I posted this in another thread, but just for your reference and discussion, for the interested, here is the amp's schematics:
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Greetings.  Is it still possible to find a more legible schematic of the Elekit amp?


Thank you in advance.

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I can email to you


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The Specs look pretty impressive for such a low cost amp.


Translated into English

Rated output: 200mW (RL = 6Ω, 32Ω, when 600Ω)
Corresponding output impedance: LOW 4 ~ 20Ω, MID 20 ~ 100Ω, HIGH 100 ~ 1kΩ
Rated input: 400mV
Input resistance: 50kΩ
Frequency characteristic: 20Hz ~ 50kHz
Power: AC100V, 50/60Hz, 10W
Size: H120 × W120 × D255mm (including protrusions)
Weight: 2kg
Number of parts: 86


Original Japanese

対応出力インピーダンス:LOW 4~20Ω、MID 20~100Ω、HIGH 100~1kΩ



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TU-882AS is the current version.
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