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South Florida Meet Impressions - 12/2/06 - Page 15

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Originally Posted by Guss2 View Post
<snip> ... Just FYI to all interested parties,my Aristaeus has been burning in and should ship on Friday,we'll see.Gary.
That's terrific, Gary. So glad to hear you are getting this early holiday present to yourself after all the waiting.

Only four words left to say ... Party at Gary's House!
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hi y'all

dang, wish I coulda been there. emerging from a tough semester up here at whitman in walla walla, WA. only one more to go though!

check out blumenstein-ultra-fi for a bit of entertainment. just started the site last week.

well, I have been in touch with wayne to see if I can visit him in the caymans. otherwise, keep on rockin out the south florida head-fi community!

I will get down to another one of those meetings one of these days...

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Man that looks like you guys had way too much fun. Cant wait till i get to go to my first meet on the 27th!
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