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sony mdr 605lp: a cheap f1?

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that's a picture of the sony mdr 605lp headphone, which i had a chance to listen to today. it resembles the sony mdr f1 in design, with the "floating" auranomic drivers and ring-pad that goes around your ears.

are these cheap f1? well, i haven't heard the f1, but a recent thread shows the f1 are good cans, and one of the most comfortable.

and the 605lp? in two words, they suck. i listened for about 5 minutes in an electronics store, from a sony mzr70 md unit. music was fsol "accelerator". the 605 were not comfortable, and did not sit well on my ears, as the pads don't rotate much. they are all plastic, and flimsy. the sound lacks high and low extension, and sounds muffled with a thick, boomy bass. also, the soundstage was a muddled blob in the center, very narrow. mids were ok. these are not much better than stock headphones with a fancy package. avoid them!
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If that end result is an open headphone that sounds like a (typical) closed crap-phone in every way except isolation, I'll pass on the 605. For that price ($69.99) I much prefer the Sennheiser HD 497's and the Grado SR-60's for open headphones (though the Senn 497 tends to sound a little thick without an amp).
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my bad, i didn't note the model number, i just went on looks.

i think you're right it is the 605. too bad, it's a good design wasted. when i put the eggos back on after auditioning the 605's, it was like "aaah, much better".
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You're right redshifter, real great design for open headphones, very comfy for "normal" size ears.

But indeed crappy mediumish sound signature with very narrow soundstage.

Would deserve a mod putting better drivers instead of original ones...

Thanks for reading.

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