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Got my PS Audio p300 Power Plant today...

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...and I'm not sure I like it. I mean, well its definately added lots more space between things but I'm not sure I like my ensemble players to be sitting so far apart from each other.

On the plus side, straight out of the box sound quality is better than any late-night listening session I've ever had. Ooh and bass voices have lots more texture and presence. And then there's the other 8 multi-wave setting to play with. According to the reviews I've read, I'm not even using the best one yet.

More to come later...
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Hey, whats your favorite multiwave setting?
I like SS1, SS5 and PS2. However, for some reason, setting the multiwave setting besides PS2 makes my SCD-1 hum louder. PS Audio said it no a big deal. Plus, its not a problem since I am not sitting exactly close to the player. Anyhow, PS P300 kicks butt. The only thing to do now is to get the PS Audio Power Cord to go with it. Its suppose to improve the sound even more.
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You lucky bastard!

I'm about ready to pull the trigger and get one also. I am a little concerned about increased electric consumption, as it takes 2 watts to make 1 clean watt, as I usually leave system on 24/7.
Although usually front end gear doesn't consume much power.

Question is should I buy used at Audiogon, or pay more but have
30 day trail through dealer............where did you purchase your

Others have reported transformer hum at certain settings also depending on your gear, just need to find setting that works best and produces no hum in your system I guess.
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My SCD-1 + DCT-1 total power comsumption is under 40 mostly hovering in the 10-20 wattage as reported by PS Audio Power Plant. That means my total power doubled (since its supposed to be non-efficient) is still less than a powering a 50 watt light bulb. Lastly, my ps power plant runs warm, but not burning hot. I can put my hand on top of it for minutes and not worry about it burn my hand.
In short, PS Audio P300 running headphone gear is perfect. Running speaker setup on the other hand is a no no as it uses too much power and generates too much heat.
If I were ya I buy it new for around $900-$100 and get the FULL 3 warranty. I believe the warranty is voided after 30 days of purchase so used ones are not good. But thats just me. I happen to cherish warranties as things always break down on me.
Hope this helps!
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I got mine througu Ultimate Sonics here in UK. 14-day home trial. I'm hoping to write a review this weekend, but it's beginning to look like work commitments will get the better of me again.

I've not played with the multi-wave settings much. I'm using SS1 over sin as the sin sounded really flat out of the box. The sin setting is ok now though, maybe because I've upped the voltage since then.
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One thing to be aware of when using the different multiwave settings on the P300 is the actual output voltage can vary from the displayed value (117 V by default). Here's a chart showing the output voltages for an internal setting of 117 V:
  • Sin. 117.0V
    SS1 118.2V
    PS2 126.9V
    SS3 118.7V
    SF4 116.3V
    SS5 126.1V
    SS6 126.6V
    SF7 116.7V
    SF8 116.3V
    SF9 116.7V

If you have any components containing tubes connected to the P300, you should lower the voltage setting appropriately.
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