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8.4V Rayovac NiMH in RA-1

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They donĀ“t seem to affect the sound at all and last just as long as the regular batteries, i ordered it from the USA, with the charger, but i had to get a different adaptor for the power. Anyway, it only charges one at a time which is inconvenient, but it works well and charges one 9V, or 8.4V in this case in about 2 hours. Please post your comments on this, as i have not found any change in sound, some people say it makes the RA-1 thinner sounding.... i heard no such thing, thanks!
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It may well depend on the headphone used. I was using Sennheiser HD-580's when I tried an 8.4 v NiMH. I hated the result, and went back to a true 9 v battery. It may well be that easier loads than the Sennheisers may allow more deviation in the battery voltage.
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Too Cool,
I use ray-o-vac NiMH 9volts with Grado Ra-1, and it sounds great with Grados or Senns 580/600 to me. With Grado models listening level is 9-10 o'clock position, Senn HD580/600 require 12-1 position so batteries may be used faster.

I have sent e-mail to Grado about this and will post reply.
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As promised here is response from Grado Labs re 8.4 volt NiMH
rechargeable batteries:

>>Will not hurt the product or the sound.

Grado Labs<<
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Nihms work very well, been using them inthe RA-1 for about a month now. My problem with the RA1 is that it picks up radio signals--and the signals can get pretty loud. I think it has to do with my location.
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