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I bought Grado 325i's from santacore. The communication was great, the price fair, the shipping extremely fast. I would buy or sell to him without hesitation.
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I just bought a set of HD600's from santacore. The package was sent on time as promised and came very quickly. I'm very satisfied with the experience. Santacore is very considerate and honest, I would not hesitate to buy or sell from him.
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John bought HD650s from me. He was very courteous and payment was prompt. Thanks for the smooth transaction!
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Great person to deal with - highly recommended.
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very quick payment. easy to work with. Recommended.
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I sold John a pair of DT-880s recently. He was very courteous, paid promptly and was great to deal with.
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4 CD's

Just Bought 4 CD's off of him. Waited until i could get back to my home coumputer, communcated throught the whole processes, and Great prices!

Talking about his old stomping grounds was a plus too!
No problems what so ever, would happily buy from again.
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Santacore was kind enough to sell me some CDs.

It was a perfect overseas transactions, he shipped immediately and protected the CDs very well.

Of course, all CDs were exactly as described.

I would gladly buy from santacore anytime again, he's a 5 stars seller.

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I just got a bunch of reggae CD's off of santacore. Very smooth transaction, a great guy to deal with.
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I was lucky enough to get John's Squeezebox in a perfect transaction. Everything was perfectly smooth. He's a great person to deal with & I'd trust him anytime! (I'm really diggin' the squeezebox!)
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Bought some IC's. Smooth, quick transaction. Wouldnt hesistate buying again.
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I bought ten CDs from John and he threw in an extra two because shipping came in less than expected. Very honest, speedy shipping and great double packaging. Highly recommend dealing with this honest HeadFier.
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Bought 5 CDs from santacore.
Flawless and quick transaction. CDs were in excellent condition upon arrival. Pricing was very fair and he went out of his way to find a good deal on shipping to me in Canada. Buy with confidence
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I feel that I should echo Canucklehead's sentiments - John was a pleasure to deal with, very friendly and communicative. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
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great transaction

Purchased beyer dt880s from John.
Everything went great, headphones arrived as promised.
Highly recommend him as a seller.

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