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Completed a purchase from M3NTAL for some shure E3C's... M3NTAL is da man! His communication was fast, his shipping was fast and his service top notch. What more can I say?
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Thanks Josh.. Josh was also very easy to work with and made selling my item SUPER EASY!

QUICK payment and nice to deal with.
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M3NTAL purchased a M^3 amp from me. Communication was great and payment was prompt. Thanks for the smooth transaction!
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M3NTAL purchased a set of Senn HD650s from me. Outstanding communication, fast payment...smooth transation, overall! Great head-fi member!
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Adam purchased a headphone rack from me. Payment was immediate and correspondance was very enjoyable. Adam is a nice guy and a great addition to our community.
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Adam purchased my GCHA. He is a great guy to deal with. He had excellent communication, payment was quick, and I would definitely deal with him again in the future. Thanks Adam for making my head-fi sale enjoyable . Enjoy the new amp/dac.
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Adam bought my sr60. payment was quick, and was a pleasure to deal with. thanks a lot adam!
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I just completed a headphone trade with Adam. It was a smooth transaction, which he packaged well and shipped promptly. Everything arrived exactly as described.
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I bought some PL750s. Packaging was outstanding. They where as described, actually better. I would not hesitate to do business again.
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Not only was Adam a great buyer for my LD MK IV SE, he was also a lively one to chat with! Superb and friendly communication, fast payment, and a great person through and through. I'd deal with him again any time!
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Purchased an M^3 amp from Adam - great transaction all around!
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Helped his friend sell his hd650's to me. Great communication! Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
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Sold me some ATH-W1000s. Great communication and fast shipping, highly recommended!
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Adam bought my O2 Mk2. He was great to deal with, stayed in touch, and was true to his word. I would gladly do business again.

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GV v5

I bought a Go-vibe v5 from adam, as well as some accessories for it. Great communication, support after the sale and great items!
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