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Which of these headphones is better?

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I saw the Sennheiser HD201 on Amazon for ten bucks with free shipping. Looks like a good deal. I was recommended to buy the Koss KSC75 stereophones which cost thirteen with free shipping.

Which of these is better in terms of sound quality? Are these good prices?

All replies will be appreciated. The more opinions the better!
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KSC75 gets my vote.

IMHO the HD201 doesn't sound very good unamped, but... for $10 thats also a VERY good deal on a full sized can.

Heck... $23 shipped for both, and have your portable and home needs covered.. JUST DO IT!!
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I have (and love) both.

I've actually listened to my HD201's over my DT770 with rock before (amped though) and I've listened to vocal music with my KSC75 over my DT770s as well (before I owned my HD595 anyway). And they're both great headphones!

I have a little spiel on the subject here.


edit* wow, i love parenthesis in this post
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I thought the HD201 were merely okay sounding when I had them. They worked with classical and jazz, but sounded horrible with rock. KSC75 is much more involving and less demanding, in terms of power required to drive them.
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I have both as well and the 201's just dont have any life....75's all the way.
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welcome to head-fi, and as we like to say around here, sorry about your wallet. so my suggestion is to speed up the inevitable. instead of following all that good advice about buying one or both of those phones for such low prices, which will be followed by upgraditis and a vicious cycle of buying and selling to get better and better sound, just skip all that part and go right for a sony mdr-r10 and/or a sennheiser orpheus!
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KSC75 over HD201 anyday, even if it's double (or maybe even more) the price
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IMHO you would want to stretch your budget a little to get an HD205.
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Love my modded KSC-75's ...in fact, you can talk to the man himself (Kramer5150) which backs the 75s. Us crazy azn's come up with some great ideas. First pasta, now this.

Another thing, I H8 Sennheisers fake leather earpads....I vote NO to sweaty ears!
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Kinda depends on your requirements I guess. Get the 201's only if you really want a full size can. For everythin else, KSC75.
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