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Gaming/Skyping headphone with mic

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I need a new headphone for skyping/gaming and such (maybe movies and music as well), so first of all it has to have a microphone on it. The quality doesn't have to be super, but it wouldn't hurt if it was OK. My budget is around under 50€. Sturdiness and comfort would be important as well...especially since I intend to wear it a lot.

Thanks in advance.
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I assume one of the Logitech headsets ($30) or Sennheiser headsets would do. Both are OK, quality and comfort wise, for their price.

I know AKG have two headsets as well, yet I never had them. They do seem comfy thou.
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can't you buy clip on mics for around 20 bucks?
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Originally Posted by feh1325 View Post
can't you buy clip on mics for around 20 bucks?
Its actually the best solution.
Not only do you enjoy your own audiophile headphones, but you can also use your money to invest in a proper microphone and not split it up to both the earphones and microphone.

Plus, its a known fact that headsets aren't durable and tend to break quite often.
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X2 on the idea of combining a good set of headphones with a clip-on mic, for gaming I'm using the HD485 + the Zalman clip-on and couldn't be happier.
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I appreciate the input, but I'm most definately not going to put a clip-on mic on my cd3k. Mainly because I sweat while wearing them when it's hot, and I don't want to ruin the pleather too much. But a clip-on mic (that's more or less decent) with a good headphone under 50€ would be a good idea too I guess.
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maybe there is a clip on mic you could put on your shirt or something? maybe that's what they meant.
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Yeah I don't think they even make clip-on mics that actually attach to the headphones...maybe the headphone cord? The most common ones attach to your shirt or are on a stand and you put them in front of you.

And what's this about not wanting to use the CD3k because you sweat? If that's the case, why wear them at all?
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Ok look, I don't want to wear the CD3k for 5 hours straight, but I want to wear the new headphones I'll be using for 5 hours straight. I use the CD3k for music listening purposes only, which is about 2-3 hours or less a day. I don't want a shirt clip-on mic.
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KSC-75 with a clip on mic...SOLVED
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Sennheiser PC150 is probably the best solution
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Yep anything from Sennheisers gaming headset line should do the trick nicely if your really opposed to adding a clip on mic.
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I just use a logitech usb mic and my UE-5c for gaming. Have the best sound and the ic works great.
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My microphone just dangels off my screen

But yeah...I guess one of the Sennheiser headsets will do the job as well.
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also plantronics are just as good as the sennheiser gaming line up so give it a look
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