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HD 595s...just wondering

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Hey, I'm new to this site and to this audiophile world but I was wondering....I've had the HD 595s for about 4 months now and I used to use the portable koss Porta Pro headphones. I was fine with those but I thought I'd step my music listening up a notch with the 595s and a headroom micro amp. I've been using them with a portable cd player and with my computer (x-fi card), and one day I thought for the fun of it I'd try my cheap little koss phones on my hook up and was astonished at their sound quality compared to the much larger and more expensive 595s. I asked my friend and some family members to try both since they might be able to tell the difference and my friend said he really couldn't tell except for the bass on the koss...and they both said they would of bought the koss over the 595s. I thought this was weird, theres no way they could sound the same...they are in a whole different category...does this sound right to anyone else or is something wrong maybe? I think I notice a difference between them but I'm not sure what it is....maybe soundstage, but I should have no doubt about the difference considering the price difference and class difference. I figured people on here would probably think I'm insane saying this...any ideas?
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the 595s really have to be listened to for a while inorder for any one to appreciate them. the beautiful thing is that after you listen to them for a whole day, you can take them off and notice no signs of fatigue and I usually take them off and feel this sense of euphoria wash over me. I can see why people would like the koss more, it's more of a instant satisfaction (high bass, scooped mids and high treble) ,the senns take refined tastes to enjoy.

Another reason could be that you've ripped your music at too low of a rate to really take on the 595s, i would not recommend listening to anything lower than 192 on the 595s.

I hope that helps. Listen to them for a long time and I think that the koss will give you fatigue and ear ringing after a while, while you'll grow to like the 595s a lot more. It could also be that you're among the group of people that just do not like the 595s at all.
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The 595's scale up nicely when you use better sources/amps

First of all use higher bitrate files (try 256 or 320 kbps) then try to use foobar with ASIO output to play your files. Last but not least, what cable are you using to connect your soundcard to the headroom micro? Is it a cheap generic mini-to-mini? Try to get a better one.

If you do all of these things you will enjoy a much better SQ, trust me.
One more thing: are your 595's fully burnt in? They require quite a good chunk to sound at their best, I'd say at least a couple hundred hours.
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I'm one of the people who think the HD595 is rubbish in its price bracket, and I'm saying that having a/b tested them against a half-dozen competing headphones (on extremely good amplification) and owning a dozen more. They're unmusical, lack real detail resolution, and take the easy road in so many questions of presentation that I just have no patience for them.

That said, they should still crush a PortaPro without breaking a sweat. Don't be fooled (as your presumably civilian, i.e. non-audiophile, testers were) by the "fun" presentation and bassy punch of the portapros: that fun masks weaknesses, and the bass though loud is not clear. These are hardly problems in its price and size class, and yes in their way they do sound great, but they are problems that the HD595 doesn't have.

Your x-fi should be plenty to hear the superiority of the Senns, and I think the microamp is overkill for these headphones. Just test back and forth with different kinds of tracks, and I think it will slowly come clear. Actually, it will probably come so clear that for a little while you won't be able to stand to use the koss anymore.
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I like Portapros over HD595 too. They certainly will not cause ear ringing imo. I say go with the PortaPros and sell HD595.
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Originally Posted by goorackerelite View Post
I usually take them off and feel this sense of euphoria wash over me.
I sold mine for the same reason, I like my euphoria when I put the headphones on.

But really I got rid of them because they seemed like some very screwed up cans, sounds that imo should be quiet were loud and sounds that should have been far away sounded close and vica versa.

My first impressions was wow what a wide soundstage (i'm used to grados) then with further listening I was alarmed to hear strange things in my music.

The best example I can give is a recording of some mozart I was listening to, you can clearly hear the chair creak, In all other headphones I have used this sound is very close, giving me the impression its the chair nearest the recording source. When I heard this on the HD595 I looked over my shoulder, it sounded like the sound was coming from the other side of the room where the door is and it was quite loud in comparison to when I normally hear it.

I wouldn't say they are bad headphones, just not right for me.
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Meh, i don't think any headphones i tried/had/have 'crushes' the KSC75 (or.. portapros, but i like the sound sig of KSC75 better)
Well, except for K1000 and HE90, but they're in a completely different leagues

The differences becomes more and more subtle as the $ goes up
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Thanks for the comments...
I never use anything below CD quality on my headphones and if its not a full CD I use Flac or Ape format, and I do use Foobar also. I belive they are burnt in by now I've listened to them every day for 4 months now. I did notice the bass on the koss does sound more "fake" and the 595s more crisp, and if they do mask the weekness of the koss with those things they are obviously doing a good job and I'm guessing you would have to listen for a while to see them. Well I'm going to just throw the koss aside and only listen to my 595s....I do like the 595s but I just thought it was strange when my friend said they sound the same. I was wondering if the mini DAC would help or make a noticable difference in listening? and how are the DT990 or DT880s compared to the HD 595s, I was thinking I'd start a small collection of headphones later....

Thanks again!
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I just love my HD595...in fact, they are the best headphones I have heard (and I have heard a wide variety of headphones). I did not like the Beyerdynamic headphones nearly as much as my HD595. Recently, I went with the HD600 for a while, but, after a few months, I ended up going back to the HD595.
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I also like HD595's very much: I found them balanced, lively, detailed, smooth and comfortable. Plus they are very versatile.
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I've just got a Benchmark DAC1....and all I can say is that the HD595s plugged directly into its headphone amp is shear euphoria! They have great synergy that can wallop a lot of other headphones in detail and clarity. I'm sure if you plugged in portapros to the DAC1, there'd be a difference! Of course, the price differences are huge....so we're comparing apples to oranges.

I also have the MicroAmp.....which after listening to the Benchmark's amp, I know I need another, non portable amp!!! Even when plugged into the DAC1's output, the microAmp loses resolution that the DAC1 has. I need something better for my HD600s.....this must be what it means to be an audiophile
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Well don't get me wrong, I love these headphones also and I could never sit and listen with the koss like I do with these. I'm not sure if I'm ready for the serious equipment yet....this is an expensive hobby! ....and very addicting

I had one more question if I use my computer to play CDs and everything should the volume be max on my computer and then let the amp control the rest? this goes for a portable CD player also.

...and what is a nice high quality CD player to start out with?

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Originally Posted by goorackerelite View Post
another reason could be that you've ripped your music at too low of a rate to really take on the 595s, i would not recommend listening to anything lower than 192 on the 595s.
For reasons I've written about too often to repeat here, this is an utterly meaningless statement, and I really, really wish that people would stop making this sort of uninformed comment.

Back on topic, I notice a fairly obvious difference between my KSC-75s and my HD-595s. The KSC-75s are nice for what they are, and I'll often bring them with me on the road for convenience, but at home I'll choose the HD-595s every time.
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For me, it was never an issue of SQ but one of preference. The 595s sound good with certain types of music but they always sound boring and very far away. Always wanted to shove them closer to my ears.
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