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I've been pouring over the forums for the last 4 hours looking for recomendations on good closed cans. My needs and wants as well as specs are as follows:

I want something that's a definate step up from the k81dj. I love them, but after a couple of hours, they hurt. I've stretched them out a bit, but it was really annoying at the Getty today. I wanted to disappear into my own little world and block out all the other patrons, but after awhile, I had to take them off.

I would prefer something circumaural.

I'll be using them with my "transportable" rig. So my ipod to alo jumbo dock into a SR-71.

I want closed cans so that when i'm working at school i'm not bothering the other people.

I listen to mainly metal and punk with some classical and jpop thrown into the mix. But for the most part it's metal. Most of it on the recommendations of other head-fiers in the music forum.

My budget is open to anything within reason. HP-2's or r-10's and the like are out of the question right now. Unless someone would like to cut me a fantastic deal on a set of L3000's.

From what i've read, some favs are the HD280's, K271's, and dt-770's. And the dt-831's if they can be found. I am not above taking a set of darth beyer's to school. Seeing as i'm a fair ammount older than the other students, and substantially larger, i'm not too worried. Anyhooz, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.