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Streetstyles? pleaaase...

I already have some ex70's, and I like the bass, but just want some treble and stuff, and soundstage and overall better sound.

So I'm planning on getting some Sr80's and a DIY portable Cmoy amp to start out.

I really wanna hear Grado sound!
Can't wait til I get a job, that will probably be the first thing on my shopping list.
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I'm in total agreeance with Gluegun!

I have a pair of Senn 580's and Grado 125's. I like them both. They both present music differently, but I like them both. I might prefer one to the other one day, but then it changes the next. So, my advice is... if you like the Senn's, then by all means, keep them. If you're still looking for something else, wait until you have enough money to buy a pair of Grado's and listen to those later - or now if there is a dealer near you. Or just return the Senn's now and go out and buy a pair of Grado's if you really don't like them. OR... well whatever, I'm sure you've already thought of all this.
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I listened to a pair of Grado 325's unamped a while ago though I am buying a pair soon...I found the grados to have some sibilance that can get irritating but I did manage to tame it with the treble setting...a good DIY amp could solve that sibilance problem...sound wise the Grados were amazing considering the fact that I love Dance, Alternative, Trance/Techno mostly some of the heavy stuff (compared to classical this is heavy, but my likes dont go in the heavy, heavy stuff like Megadeath, Black Sabbath etc. *ugh*) The sound was impactful I was totally taken aback with the music...I felt a sudden rush when every song started so Grados a must try for the kind of music I listen to.

I also have a pair of Senn HD-600 at hand now but I havent given them mush of a critical listen and I have to retur them soon

For the music I listen to I didnt feel much of that "in your face" impact but the sound is nice overall very liquid, transparent and clean though I found them too laid back for this kind of music. And the senns will need an amp to run at their true potential as they have a much higher impedance than the grados...grados will run straight out of a portable.

The senns for classical music were in a class of their own...the Grados sound colored for classical music and I felt immediatly that the grados are NOT for classical...senns do best for easy going music like classical

Frankly both would sound MUCH better out of a decent amp

Best idea is to get both for best of both world...if money is a problem then get a pair that suits your needs

Both will keep you happy for a very long time if taken care of....

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*NUKED* - i made a silly comment and insulted gluegun in the process.

No Sense in keeping it around.
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senns or Grados?
senns and Grados
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I'll take Sennheisers and Grados...with a drop of Sony added in.
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perhaps i'm way off base here - in fact i'm pretty sure i am, but i don't think i will ever own a pair of grados.

i've never heard them. i've read everyone saying how great they are, and all about the impact, and energy, and all that, and yet somehow i don't think i could ever be happier with them than with my 600s.

i'm not saying at all that my unfounded opinion should mean anything to anyone else, it's just odd that i have formed such a strong bias against them without having so much as laid eyes on a pair before.

*this bit nuked*

anyway, it distresses me that i have limited myself in such a way as to almost hate grados without hearing them, and hope the rest of you avoid the same trap.

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Grado vs. Senn is like Pepsi vs. Coke

Go rob the stereo store and get as many different phones as you can

Seriously, I would get both, and even other brands/models in addition to that. Then you can rob the record store for CDs - in the long run that's what is really expensive!!!
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I personally go with the accuracy of the Senns...
There is no such thing as accuracy in audio.
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Okay, Lucien, yes I *have* heard Grado's.....

and I *have* heard senns.....

and even the lowly SR-60's are better than the Senn sound (AND my big headphones, the Beyer 831's) for IMPACTING, whamming rock and rap and r&b! I said they were DIFFERENT..... but the Grado's are different in a way that KICKS ASS for Rock and Rap and R&B!!
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Don't be foolish keep those Senn HD580, not sure how much longer they will be available. These sound so good for so little money it is ridiculous, one of the best buys of all time for headphones. If you want to increase already good performance
later, get the Clou blue jaspis cable.

I love my Grados also, but if I had only one pair and money was very tight ($160) Senn HD580 would be my choice as long as you had decent headphone source/amp. You must have either Senn
HD580 or HD600 then go for the Grados.
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my apologies gluegun, i read your post and coolvij's and somehow linked them in my mind. i take that back.

as for the sound, i wouldn't know.
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tip on cables: don't spend more than rat shack gold series. There isn't enough power going through them or enough distance to require shielding. I've tried different cables and I'll be damned if I can hear any difference. But the placebo effect of having nice golden cables is good enough for me.
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There is no such thing as accuracy in audio.
Beagle, that's not true at all. HD-600s *are* more accurate than comparably-priced Grado's. That's not to say everyone will like them as much, but they are more accurate.
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How do you know they are more accurate? You can only simulate accuracy and even then a piece of audio equipment puts it's own stamp on the sound, or creates it's own sound.
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