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Sennheiser or Grado

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What sound do you prefer, Sennheiser or Grado?

I might return my HD-580s if i hear that Grado might have a better sound
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What a misguided question. At the upper echelon of headphones, things aren't BETTER, just DIFFERENT. They BOTH kick ass, but at their own thing....
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I might return my HD-580s if i hear that Grado might have a better sound
I hope that's a joke

Seriously - there are some ppl who can't STAND Grados, and others who fall asleep listening to Senns.

They possess two different presentation styles - Grados are generally considered more upfront, impacting, and "live"ly. Sennheisers are generally considered more laidback, accurate, and musical.

Different strokes for different folks, as my pal vertigo-1 always says

P.S. I can't answer your question, since I've never heard a Grado
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Different people have different taste so I can't decide for you, but for me, it's Sennheiser all the way. Mainly because Grados are way too over price over here.

For the same amount of money for a pair of Grado SR60, I can get a pair of Sennheiser HD580 + 3 CDs and probably a trip to the cinema. That's why I haven't bought any grado, because Sennheiser is so cheap, I have a pair of HD600 along with my HD580.
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I personally go with the accuracy of the Senns...

I was sucked in with new toy hype with my Grados (SR-125s)... but, going back to the Senns after a couple of days was like a spring day after months of winter coldness... things were so much warmer, and sunnier

Not the worlds best analogy, but its just the way i feel
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I certainly prefer Grado headphones. I've heard the 580, 580 Jubilee, and 600, and on the Grado end, I've heard the RS-1, RS-2, MS Pro, HP-1, and SR-100. I prefer the increased impact and dynamic sound one gets with Grado headphones; and while some people apparently think that the Sennheisers are more neutral, I believe that they are more colored than some of the better Grados (like my MS Pro or the HP-1). The 580 sounds too laid-back for me, as well as having what I would call a "sloppier" bass. That is, while the 580 has a deep bass response, the notes in the nether regions of the frequency spectrum are not so well-defined.

However, the 580 is, overall, certainly on the same level as the higher-end Grados. I haven't heard the SR-125, 225, or 325 enough to compare them to the 580, so I can't comment there. But I think that you should stick with the 580 unless you can audition a Grado and determine it sounds better. Otherwise you may very well sell the Grado you buy for another 580 or 600 just to make sure you didn't miss out on anything.
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I received Alessandro/Grado MS-1's about 10 days ago, and I already had Sennheiser HD580's, and I believe I'll be keeping both (well, maybe not the HD580 since I'm getting a HD600 from TerriblySorry). I know moneywise I should just pick one, and I'd probably pick the Sennheiser, but I just HAVE to keep the Grado for its unique sound - it's just great for the music I listen to.
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Grado vs Senn...

ok, so they're both different, neither is necessarily better....
Which is better for rap/r&b (2pac, Ja Rule, Outkast), and rock (Blink 182, Matthew Good Band).
Now please, i know there might not be an answer to this, but hey its worth a shot.
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Rap? R&B? ROCK?!?!



Now, which MODEL is QUIIIIIIIIITE the deeper question.

(note: I am not going by the engineer's definition of better, which is "closer to the origional recording")
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sapphiremodena: For your music? It's Grado or beyerdynamic. I'd try the SR80 or the DT531 in your case...

Greetings from SF!

Manfred / Lini
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I'd have to...

...agree with the rap/rock thing. For instance, Goodie Mob sounds great-o over Grados. I hear little studio details that would otherwise be lost in the mix, and the bass is slammin' (relatively speaking...when I listen to a stereo w/subwoofer, pretty much any headphones pale in comparison, especially with bass-emphasized music, but I guess that's the name of the game).

- Matt
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In my experience, Grados sound excellent with some types of music and utterly horrible with others (e.g. anything by Portishead); Senn 580/600s by contrast are good with everything. Comes down to taste, I suppose.
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Hey sapphiremodena, are you sure a pair of Sony StreetStyles are more up your ally? :P
It would go perfectly with your taste in music.
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Grado, definitely, i used to have HD600´s, K501´s and ER4S´s, and i felt like i was betraying what i think is the world´s best audio reproduction device manufacturer, or builder in this case, Grado. I currently have RS-1, RS-2, SR325, SR225, SR125, SR100, SR80, SR60, SR40, HP-1, HP-2, and HP-3, and working on getting more! For you i recommend the RA-1 amp along with some SR125- or 225´s to start, then work your way up, you WILL get upgrado fever, but that´s not really that bad as long as you have sufficient funds!!! lol have fun!
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Really Sirwar, that's rude! Don't be insulting!
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