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Sorry folks, but according to PinkFloyd, the contest is off.


It would seem, for effect, he figured it would be more appropriate to start a new thread to announce this development as opposed to announcing it here in the actual contest thread where it would make most sense.

For the record however, it should be noted that at no time did any of the moderating staff request that he not run his contest. Neither did he first contact us directly with any concerns or questions he may have regarding his MOT designation. Instead he's chosen to address it in this fashion. I'm sure everyone at some point has had a teacher do this sort of thing, or has seen a movie where the prison warden, upset at something someone has done, will punish everyone in order to turn them against the culprit. It's an obtuse form of manipulation, and sadly, this is Pink's dramatic way of doing that. Fortunately, the majority of members here are mature enough to realize this.

While PinkFloyd as well as several others have qualified for MOT status for quite some time, (we have been compiling a "to-do" list for many, many months with regards to assigning these MOT titles) due to time restrictions, it has been put on the back burner for far too long. During the past week however, time permitting, I've been going through the list and assigning these titles. PinkFloyd has not been the first. Some of you may have noticed other members who have suddenly in the past few days, received MOT titles as well.

Why do we place certain posting restrictions on members of the trade? Yes, it's partially to protect other members of the trade from having competitors slagging their products or hyping their own in an attempt to build their business. Head-fi relies on advertising revenue from commercial interests to help support the site. With the amount of traffic head-fi receives, it could not survive any other way. So in order to maintain a level playing field for all, we must have rules. These rules are to be followed by and are for the benefit of ALL commercial members .... whether they support Head-fi or not. There will always be a small number of disgruntled members, most often members who either simply enjoy causing controversy or have a personal axe to grind concerning a completely separate matter, who in an ongoing attempt to stir up trouble, will make insinuations and accusations that we are somehow biased regarding these rules. But the fact is, we go out of our way to be as fair across the board as best as humanly possible. We're not perfect, and sometimes things get missed, but we do our best. Long time members will likely notice time and again, the same group of individuals gravitating to any thread designed to make Head-fi's moderating team look bad.

But equally important, those very same MOT-specific posting rules are in place to protect each and every member and especially lurker from being mislead and misinformed by MOTs who intentionally, or sometimes even unintentionally, attempt to shill their own products or services. What better way to increase one's own business than by making positive comments about one's own product or derogatory comments about a competitors? What better way to advertise one's own business than by shilling it every chance you get, or even worse, encouraging others to shill on your behalf? Fortunately, the majority of MOTs, including PinkFloyd by the way, do an honourable and admirable job of policing themselves in this regard ... but sadly, because a small minority don't, we must have and enforce these rules across the board for the reasons I've already mentioned.

The entire moderating team, like the vast majority of members here, have Head-fi's best interests at heart. We do try to allow some flexiblilty in enforcing the rules because we realize there can be all sorts of variants to every situation and it's impossible for every situation to have a strict black and white policy in effect.

One thing I would ask everyone to consider however ... especially when your immediate reaction is that some terrible injustice has been done during the course of any moderating decision ... is that in most cases there are other previous and/or behind the scenes circumstances that affect these decisions and that in most cases you have not heard all sides to the story. Unlike the moderating staff who are involved with this stuff every day and who pool their information, you most likely do not have access to all the information and facts that led up to a specific decision. Making uninformed accusations based on half-truths, part information, and hearsay, is unwise at any time and in any situation.

While Head-fi is not a democracy, we very much care about and pay attention to what every member thinks and about any concerns you may have. Any policy decisions that are made are done-so with the input of the entire moderating staff and any members who take the time to present their ideas and concerns maturely and intelligently ... not in a public grandstanding or subversive, sarcastic fashion. We ask that if you do have a comment, concern, suggestion, or question regarding head-fi policy or an action that has been taken, you use the "report this post" button or send a PM off to a moderator about it.

Sorry for the long ramble.
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