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Pink Balls Lottery 2006-CANCELLED.  

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UPDATE Prize pot to date consists of:

1: Meier HA1 MKll amplifier Pink Built
2: Custom mini to mini cable made by [AK]Zip
3: Custom made crossfeed in mini aluminium Hammond enclosure donated by Sgt-Pluck
4: Bithead amplifier kindly donated by Tyll Hertsens of HeadRoom
5: Musical Fidelity X-RAY V3 CD Player kindly donated by a Head-Fier
6: Signal Cable Analog Two interconnect donated by a Head-Fier
7: Koss Porta-Pro headphones kindly donated by Todd R
8: A CD of the winners choice donated by a Head-Fier (standard single CD)

Keep them coming guys!

To celebrate my 4th year as a member here and the success of the two previous Pink Balls Lotteries (last years here) I'd like to get this years lottery off to a start by offering a Meier HA1 MKll amp which I built myself. Jam packed with top quality components (ALPS RK27 blue velvet pot, Silvered Mica capacitors, Low ESR electrolytics, Gold plated teflon insulated phono sockets.... etc. etc.) and housed in a Lincoln Binns aluminium enclosure this prize is sure to make the lucky winner very happy indeed! Open to all across the globe as I will set the voltage of the amp to the winners requirements (ie: 115V 230V)

The Prize:

Last year there were a few very generous people who kindly donated to the prize pot and the prize got bigger and bigger as the lottery went on (see here) The lucky winner ended up with quite a goody bag! If anyone has anything they want to donate to the pot this year then please do contact me and I'll include it here, everything's welcome from a CD to a CD player..... nothing is too little and nothing is too much!

Added to the prize pot:

21/11/06 - [AK]Zip adds one of his superb custom mini to mini cables to the pot. Available in either Carbon or Black, whatever the winner prefers Thanks Alex, a superb addition to the prize!

21/11/06 Sgt-Pluck very kindly donates his uber cool crossfeed unit to the prize pot. Housed in a small aluminium Hammond enclosure with first class components and pro grade teflon insulated gold plated phono sockets this is one superb little unit! Thanks Pluck, awesome stuff!

21/11/06 Tyll Hertsens has just thrown a Bithead into the prize pot, what can I say..... just absolutely fantastic!! Tyll, this is a wonderful gesture thank you ever so much.

21/11/06 Head-Fier donates a Musical Fidelity X-RAY V3 CD Player to the prize, prefers to remain anonymous, a big BIG thank you for donating this wonderful CD player!!

21/11/06 Head-Fier throws his Signal Cable Analog Two interconnect into the prize pot, nice one and a big thanks.

22/11/06 Todd R very kindly donates a pair of brand new Koss Porta-Pro headphones into the goody bag, many thanks Todd

25/11/06 Head-Fier throws in a CD of the winners choice (Standard CD, not double or rare collections) Many thanks, this is fantastic

The rules are much the same as last year but I'll let the competition run a bit longer this year.....there were quite a few people last year who wanted to contribute to the pot but the competition had ended before they knew about it! So, this year, the winner will be announced on Christmas Day That will give would be contributors plenty of time to organize their prize, will be a great day for one lucky person to get a present they'll never forget and will also avoid the Christmas rush with respect to shipping.

So, here is how you enter the Pink Balls Lottery 2006:

There are 5 Pink Balls which I have uploaded to a secret place on the net... each ball has an individual number on it ranging from 1 - 21 all you have to do is guess the 5 numbers. (no two balls have the same number) In the event that all 5 numbers haven't been guessed (likely) then the prize will go to the person who guessed the most correct numbers.... In the event of one or more person guessing the same amount of correct numbers it will go into a tie break, details of which will be announced if / when a tie happens.


1: You may only post once with one set of numbers
2: Editing your post and altering your numbers is not allowed
3: Please.. no PM's enquiring about the prizes, everything is (will be) explained here.

The winning numbers have Just been disclosed to an independent third party (Jude) who will confirm the numbers at the close of the competiton. Sorry to spring that on you Jude but I need an independent third party to witness the Pink Balls.

OK, let the 2006 Pink Balls Lottery Commence!

Guess your 5 numbers

Disclaimer: PinkFloyd accepts no responsibility or liability for any mishap, failure, injury, loss of limb or life, disaster, loss financial or otherwise, or pollution arising from any party taking part in this competition. Lawsuits claiming emotional scarring, choking on a peanut (or other), loss of libido, sudden appearance of genital warts, failure to gain an erection (whether it be penile or a garden shed), divorce, failure to mate, social ineptitude, inability to operate a lawnmower, failure to digest food, involuntary evacuations, writers cramp, jock itch, clinical depression, chronic obesity or premature ejaculation as a direct consequence / result of participating in this competition. No Correspondence will be entered into... zilch, none, zero, yada....
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Oooh, fun! I choose:

5 8 17 19 20
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7 13 16 18 21
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i love this stuff!

19 4 7 12 14
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yay! i had some rotten luck last year, so I am ready to try again!

4 8 10 13 19
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7 11 8 18 12
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3 5 8 14 19
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2, 19, 11, 7, 21
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4 21 3 9 7

cool lottery

edit, I fail, can't have 2 threes (changed one to a 9)
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Originally Posted by skudmunky View Post
4 21 3 9 7

cool lottery

edit, I fail, can't have 2 threes (changed one to a 9)
Sorry Skud, no edits allowed.

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1 2 9 20 21

I do not like Pink Balls and Ham
I do not like them
Sam, I am

I do not like them here or there
I do not like them anywhere
I do not like them in a boat
I would not, could not, with a goat

But I do like free stuff.
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3 8 13 15 21

Cool raffle...I recall last years but don't think I was on much at the time to participate...thanks Pink, very generous of you.
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17 3 13 9 11
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7 - 15 - 2 - 4 - 18

Good luck to everyone!
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6 5 8 9 17
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