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Burn in Time for ZOTL

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I got my ZOTL today! I was just wondering any of you knew how long of a burn in time that it has? If you could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.
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Give it at least 50-100 hours before you do any serious evaluation. Tubes generally take a while to burn in. Congrats!

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I got my ZOTL today!

Let us know what you think after letting that baby cook!
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Currently interested in amps to partner my HD600's - first i've heard of this one - could someone provide further info please - URL would be fine. Thanks in advance
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Hi 20silkcut, welcome to Head-fi! For more information on the Zotl than you can shake a stick at, just use the forum's search function (i.e. look up "microzotl" in the Electronics & Accessories forum).
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Hehehe, I just heard things in this Dave Matthews song that I enver heard before. I actually heard his fingers moving along the strings in the intro to "If I had it all." Awesome.
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I'd just put the CDP on repeat and run the thing 24/7 for a few days.

Yeah, you'll certainly hear things you never heard before with the ZOTL.
Try to get a chance to hear it with a really good non-portable CDP, too.
Wish I still had mine to listen to with the Audio Note stuff.

You'll definitely gain quite a bit by rolling the tubes, as well.
The ones that came with it are kinda dry and dead compared to
what's possible.
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DRCope, as soon as I have money again, I plan on upgrading my power cable, buying a sony 333es (or 555es if I have to), and doing tube rolling. Right now, I am really, really, really poor. I am just really happy no matter what at this point with my amp.
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As you should be. It's an incredible headphone amp. I was just pointing out that you have more adventures ahead, which it turns out you already knew.

Lots of people don't realize that power cords and different tubes can make a significant difference.
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