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The must-try "benchmark" CD! [link and details inside]

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So at the local Toronto meet last weekend we were lucky enough to have an Ultrasone representative present. And he left us this awesome "Ultrasone" CD that literally made us all scream in disbelief. We listened to the CD first with Ultrasone's 2200 cans (~250 USD) from a Hornet "M". Just incredible. The first track had such incredible imaging that we thought that the music was coming from another room. However after trying other headphones, it was apparent that the recordings themselves had a lot to do with the incredible sound. Regardless, it's an awesome CD.

I call it a "benchmark" CD because it has 20 tracks, including a wide variety from ambient, Jazz, classical, tuning forks, wildlife, shorelines and whatnot. This is probably the most amazing sounding compilation I've ever tried. It's just magnificent, and I'm running it ampless out of my ipod to SR-60s/D-Jays. On higher end cans, you've never heard anything like it. With really nice imaging cans like K1000s I'm sure not much can come close to how well mastered the CD is.

We kind of got permission to share the CD, so I grabbed it, converted it to (lowest level compression) FLAC. .wav is too big to share, and lossy doesn't do it for me. I chose low level compression because I hate the artifacts that sometimes show up on my rockbox'ed ipod mini at highest compression, and the difference between sizes is like <1 mb / 15mb track. Anyways, here's the link:

Note: this is not a copyrighted CD. There are no indications on the sleeve or CD itself of such, but please use this for private usage. As I've said before, if there's alot of interest I'll do .mp3 (lame), .ogg or whatever.


UPDATE: January 28th 2007

I hadn't realised how much this thread has caught on, and alas I haven't updated it. However, now I'm going to provide the latest links to download the file as many have gone down since:

http://www.pointstone.com/steven/Audio/Ultrasone CD.rar

Thanks to Dept_of_Alchemy for compiling those for us. And again, album art and track listing in on page 3.
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Can't wait to try this. However, FileFactory is giving me problems. Can you try rapidshare instead?

//edit: Nevermind, works with IE. Hm. Firefox has issues, might be the massive amount of ads haha.
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Hmm... Firefox doesn't like it, neither does Safari, and IE Mac no longer exists. Might someone mirror this for me?

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maybe it would be better to make a .torrent
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is it binaural? Just that incredible/unbelievable imaging on headphones tends to be binaural.

another vote for bittorent or rehosting. I'd be willing to do my share on bittorrent.
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too bad i just came home from school. i have a 2+mbps upstream there. hopefully if a torrent is made people who already have it will help seed. i could make the torrent if enough people are interested.
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Thanks for the link - just in the process of downloading now.
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Problems here too...I've had good experiences with megaupload
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If I'm able to get the file (fileplanet seems to be down atm) I'll host it on my server in the US which has a 100 Mbit link and plenty of bandwidth to spare.
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I would like listen those files too, but seems like File Factory is down at the moment.
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No luck here either.

I got the site up but I can't see anywhere where I can download. Any instruction will be nice. Thank You.
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filefactory is not working for me either: their "db server" appears to be down. If someone sends me the file via email, skype or otherwise I can try to host it into my web site. Of course if I get 1000 download/day I'll have to take it down
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Originally Posted by smartins View Post
If I'm able to get the file (fileplanet seems to be down atm) I'll host it on my server in the US which has a 100 Mbit link and plenty of bandwidth to spare.
That would be great, I'd love to hear it.
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Torrent Please

Another vote for putting up a torrent file.

'cannot connect to db' from the fileshare.

I'm looking forward to hearing this ..I promise to seed!
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I'm currently uploading it on to the megaupload servers to see if people are able to get it from there instead (plus I guess having 2 places to get the file from would only ease conjestion)

However it's going to take about 2 hours (apparently) to upload as my upload speed can't go faster then 32kbps and (unfortunately) I've gotta go to work in about 1 hour so I won't be able to post the link until tomorrow morning when I get back.
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