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V-moda Vibes... The review is finished. (56k beware, big pics...) - Page 10

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ya sure. vibe is better. no, honestly, it is.

that REALLY sucks O.o
I remember the time i had to receive something from UPS and they insisted on it being signed by me and delivered at 11 am on a weekday. What sane person can possibly be at home at 11 on a weekday O.o
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Well finally got my pair of vibes after 2 weeks of post from US.

Using an iAudio U3 with and without penguin amp.

First off, there small, light and sit quite deep in the ear but are very comfortable straight off, no fiddling required.

Sound is strange, very deep bass for sure but it hits you but in a nice way. I listen to dance music and it gets to ya bones. After 12hrs of running in, the upper range still leaves a lot to be desired, highs are tinny and lacks musicality at any higher frequency. Seemingly devoid of air or seperation, generally they dissapoint.

I compared these to the CK7, i like the 7's for its natural sound, seperation, musical bass and a wonderfull sense of involvement. The vibes cant even come close to the CK7 on anything other than bass, the CK7's lack a deep bass feeling unless you slightly press the buds into the canal, then they come alive and have a deep musical bass, which along with its natural seperation, sound sublime. Only downside to them are short port tube and weight, they do creep out of your ears.

If only AT had made the things with a slightly longer port tube, i reckon the CK7 would the nuts and we would all be raving about them.

Anyway, the Vibes are good for bass, comfort and little else far as i can see. Shame.

Now to qualify my comments by saying that i think i may have a duff pair as i have to pull the headphone jack out slightly for them to sound 'normal', when fully inserted, the sound is horrible, all muffled and not right at all.

Edit: It seems clear that my units are faulty, so take my comments on the sound quality of the vibes with a huge pinch of salt. Will report back on my new pair.

ps, think i might try mate the port of the vibes to body of the CK7's, anybody know how the Vibes come appart?
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This doesn't sound right if the plug is doing that! contact support to arrange a replacement set if after a few more hours testing (fittings/burn-in) it doesn't seem correct.
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Will do. Thanks
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Originally Posted by epithetless View Post
Word has it the new Trekstor Vibez (check out that synchronicity) sports a pretty nice headphone out, on par with the late Karma. Then there are always the Kenwood players with their (reputedly) fantastic built-in digital headphone amps...
Yah, waiting for a couple reviews on the Trekstor and the Kenwood unit. Man, that Kenwood is awesome looking, hope it hits the US market...

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Val, whats the warranty time on these again? The cable on mined got screwed at the jack, the metal is showing. Currently its protected with black tape, but this is just not right, cables of headphones designed for portables should not get quickly damage with pocket use.
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How would you compare these, specifically the bass response/output, to the Altec Lansing im616 or Etymotic er6i's?

I've been using a set of im616's for a couple weeks now, but I'm planning on returning them as I prefer an IEM/canalphone with better bass response.

Also, I compared the bass output between my Zune and my girlfriends Zen Vision:M, and there was hardly a noticeable difference. Sorry...no iPod to throw into the mix, but if people are saying Creative players are good for bass output, then the Zune is as good, if not better.
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EDIT: (woops)
1 year of warranty, no worries !v!
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The vibes have a 2 year warranty you say? Sounds good but: http://www.v-moda.com/collection/modaphones/vibe.aspx
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Warranty - 1 Year Replacement Warranty, go to v-moda.com for any support/warranty issues as we don't normally check forums. We've used same cable plug for a long time on Remix and defect rate of cable is negligible with many thousands sold, and we'll fix ya up if problem arises - no worries.

Zune/Zen Bass - this is extremely interesting, I'll buy a Zen to test, I'm sure diff Zens models vary as well. I am going to buy the same one CNET uses, as they always say bass is high. Firmware coming out soon for Zune I heard, very curious. I'm back to using Red Nano 2G personally until a better armband comes out for Zune.

Vibe curve vs ETY ER6i/Altec - V-MODA policy is we don't officially comment about sound except what we feel is facts, as so much is personal preferences - but we do own those models for comparison purposes.
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yes 1 year warranty.
whoops sorry my bad.
arg! still waitng for the vibes i ordered....
WHY doesn't USPS give tracking?!?!?

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I can comment, since I did have im716 before then, just sold em a few days ago to a fellow head-fier. Bass on im716 is decent with the bass boost - but with vibe its amazing. I actually eq it slightly down to be not as loud, but it really opened my eyes about how good bass can be. Through the zen the bass comes through a tiny bit bloated - fault of zen, but its still very good even out of the zen. It is rather crisp yet loud and impactful when used through good dedicated sources. im716 is nothing on bass, is a bit more analytical, and wins for use with classical...thats it though.
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sorted. my bad.
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Sorry for cust service delay more than normal (2-4 hr response during work hrs), but as site says there is a slightly longer lag-time as we're moving to bigger offices right now and rapidly expanding our staff. Check PM, you're all set.

I love to help, but PLEASE direct all customer service issues to the contact form on site or PM me if necessary, and we need to stick to topic on forums. I saw other companies participate in forums and it becomes a customer service/order question discussion, its why other mfgrs don't participate in community much and take down their own site forums like Dell...

audio, engineering, music, fashion, and cool gear are my fancies at V-MODA
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Funk/Fashion retailer - just got word Bloomingdale's is receiving first products soon, and they said they are willing to take on funkier fashion colors than most electronic retailers. This is great news for future Vibe colors and new products, many retail stores can't carry multiple colors so alot of cool gear never sees the light of day.

Gotta work with our designers now to release new colors over next few months, fun stuff!!!
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