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ERGO model 2 headphones and Model 1 amp - UK only

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Absolutely pristine / as new I am offering both the ERGO model 2 headphones and ERGO model 1 headphone amplifier (panasonic FC / EVOX rifa capped) as a complete package. Both amp and 'phones come in their original boxes with full instructions and I will also throw in a high quality PSU which I made myself (the wallwart that came with the amp was far from appropriate )

The sound quality of this combo is way up there with the likes of Sennheiser HD-600 but better still as the design of the ERGO 2 'phones ensures that the sound is more out of your head and presented more naturally. An absolute bargain already at the RRP of £350 but a steal at the £230 I'm asking and that includes next day special delivery. I will repeat, I'm throwing in a first class PSU into the package.

PM me if you're interested
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These still going?

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Apologies, only just saw date of post.

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