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The X5 is dead; time for a change...

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But I'm not sure as to what that change should be (although not an Ipod, theres just something about them that prevents me liking it). Since i carry my X5 around in the pocket I'm not looking to carry around an amp or any extra luggage.
Essentially I've made a shortlist of three players, however i have my doubts about each one. I listen (well i was listening) to my X5 using Shure E4s

The first on my shortlist is the Archos Gmini 202s which i see as quite a stylish portable player. However i'm worried that there may be a noticeable dip in sound quality compared to my X5 (most of my music 320 kbit/s mp3), that and it is a bit deeper than the X5.

Toshiba Gigabeat S is next up on the list. Seems to have a fairly impressive array of features, and definitely looks stylish. However i'm yet to hear anything all that positive about the Sound Quality.

Lastly is the Sony NW-A3000 (probably in Violet) which seems to be a generally good player (A lot like the HD-5, a player which i borrowed from a friend for a few weeks that i did enjoy using). However it does involve me dealing with the infamous Sony software. It'd also cost me roughly the same as the Toshiba Gigabeat, which to me looks nicer, and also has much better features.

Basically i can find nice things about all 3, but each has a flaw in some way (with the Tosh and Archos sharing both my worry about the sound quality) that prevents me from going and spending my money.

With regards to the Tosh and Archos there is also the possibility of me upgrading my Shure E4s to the new E500s which may result in disappointment if the Archos or Toshiba that i may end up buying don't have sound quality that can live up to my X5. Oh and i did consider another X5, but like it says in the title; it's time for a change.

It'd be much appreciated if you could help me make up my mind since lugging my CD player around with me is driving me insane.
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Ever consider the Creative Zen Vision:M?
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i'd also say the Zen Vision: M. It was my player when my X5 died. It's not as good, but it is a very good player. The best overall player on the market, IMO.
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It was a consideration. I actually convinced a friend of mine to buy one over a fifth gen IPod when his mini finally packed in, and seems to be really liking it. However aesthetically i couldn't stand it, so thats why i ruled it out.
The reason i came up with this short list is essentially because they're three mp3 players that greatly appeal to me in terms of style, it's just deciding between the three which i'm finding rather tricky right now.
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The Sony seems to be a good piece of hardware (a co-worker has it ... but I haven't heard it), but would using it and its software extract a cost in time spent? Just wondering ...?

And what about another iAudio player?
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I'd probably be fine using the sony, plus theres a couple of new ones on Ebay i could probably pick up on the cheap. As for another Iaudio, well i got very bored of the styling, plus i just fancy a change. I think am leaning most towards the Gigabeat S30.
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I got a Sony NW-A3000, and it has a really excellent sound; but I use it with ATRAC, do'nt know how it sounds with MP3.
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Get an iPod, you know you want it.
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