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shigzeo bought my pair of Koss Pro4AAs. Great transaction, super quick payment, and a nice guy. Would do business with again.
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Traded IEMs. Quick shipper. Plenty understanding when I was late due to a car accident. Communicates well. Highly recommend.
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shigzeo purchased my Cardas extension cable, smooth transaction and a recommended Head-Fi'r.
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Shigzeo bought my Nintendo DS Lite. Great communication and quick payment, and was very understanding even when customs ended up demanding a ridiculous payment. Great Head-Fier, and definitely recommended!
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Shigzeo bought my 18awg Jena Cryo Mini-Mini. Payment was lightning fast, communication was great, and he was very patient throughout the transaction.

Thanks again!
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Shigzeo sold me an amp. It was it "as new" condition and he clearly cares for his gear. He is great to deal with and in many ways has set a new standard from my past experiences (and I have been buying and selling on ebay and other boards for the past 7 years). Overall excellent transaction!

Thanks again.
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Positive Feedback

Bought a Cowon D2 white color from Shigzeo. Very very cooperative and honest guy. Shipped me the device all the way from Japan to Toronto and I got it with in a week. It was in perfect condition and the guys threw in some freebies.

Overall ... very satisified with him. Will deal with him again. A+++++. Highly recommended !!!!
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Bought some Denon canalphones off Mr. Shigzeo. His packaging was excellent and he even thew in a couple extra tips as a surprise - good stuff. I'm sure he would even hand deliver to Canada If he could. Overall, a very pleasant transaction.
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Atrio M5 from Shigzeo

Just received my Atrio M5's from Shigzeo. Packaging was better than I expected, and everything was as good as new. He even threw in some extra tips for me. I still can't believe I got all this for the price I paid. I will certainly recommend this seller. Top notch !!!

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I just bought a lod from shigzeo- easy transaction, great communications, great price and very nice improvement in ipods sq thanks to the great lod. Good deal
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Shigzeo got me a pair of fx-500 as they aren't available anywhere in europe afaik. Everything went as smooth as if were long time friends. Simply perfect.
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Shigzeo sold me a Headphile blacksilver mini-to-mini cable. Very happy with the friendly communication, speed of shipping, packaging and of course the item

Shipped from Japan to Australia with no issues at all

Cheers mate
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I bought some DT880's recabled off him. What he did for me was beyond the call of duty and shipped with no problems. Fantastic guy to deal with.
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Purchased shigzeo's Victor FX500's from him. Transaction went very smoothly. He was very honest, helpful and responsive and I'm happy.
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The HD600s are exactly what I was looking for. Nice guy, easy transaction, fast.
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