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percentile not a conclusive test for tone recognition.
I was also told during my time in regional and state honors choirs to have excellent pitch recognition.
This is a test to match patterns, not tones.
Some cross tones were thrown in at frequencies that would make your concentrate on them, and not remember the rest of the phrase, causing inaccurate response.

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There are 3 tests on that site.

tonedeaf test 86.1%
pitch test 0.22hz
rhythm test 84%

I'm wondering if I analyzed the tonedeaf one wrong. All my wrong answers are ones that were the same but I said were different. During the test, I noticed some that were off a bit on the very first note, or were slightly different sounding in some way. But I guess that doesn't mean they aren't the same tone, just slightly different recordings?
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77.8% on tonedeaf test

96% on rhythm

0.675 Hz on the adaptive pitch test
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Even though I didn't know what I was doing and kept clicking the buttons, thinking "did that register" for like the first 6 samples
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Originally Posted by Ruggerio79 View Post
haha....91.7 percent
We rock.

Honestly, I think I mainly screwed up on the ones where I couldn't recall what the original one was. Which isn't too hard when you hear jazz music in the background.
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Whatever the case may be, I just didn't care to focus much =b. Plus I have horrible memory.

Pitch test I get down to 1.5hz successfully, then all of a sudden I can't hear the differences utill I go back up to 6hz again.

Rhythm test, way too little focus to take it.
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61 forgot almost all of them so I guessed =p
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86.1%,but this is more about memory.As somebody said,if you could repeat the sets most people would get 100%...

The other test gave me 1.05 hz.
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80% out of really bad/quiet speakers. i wil take it again soon... i think i have near-perfect pitch. i've been playing tuba for a good 6 years, but i can tell when any single wind instrument is playing a wrong note. even on violins and cellos, i know when someone is messing up. this test would be much better if done on a grand piano...
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75% with no musical background.
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Originally Posted by NightWoundsTime View Post

They were testing my patience with really bad MIDI horn samples, lol.
same score and feeling
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77.8% with my V-Moda Vibes via the CRAPPY HISSY hp-out on my notebook. Maybe I'll try again later when there's nobody talking in the background.
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I got to 16% and then I thought to myself, "this is going to take way too long". lol
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I'm usually pretty good at picking out things that are off-key. I thought it took too long as well.

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I didn't think it was all that hard... I had a trumpet in like 6th grade, but I haven't played an instrument in years.
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