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83.3 here. I kinda skimped over the first few, because I had no idea how to do it, and didn't do them seriously. My advice is to close your eyes when you do the test.
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HD600's to save the day
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Im the OP, I did the test just. Judging by the other scores, I'd say it is nonsense (and surprisingly boring). My score should be a fair bit below 72.
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And to begin with I didn't realise what it actually was doing so I think I might've just clicked through without listening to it all. Oh yeah - crappy speakers via Audigy 2 as well with volume not too loud.
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80,6%, but i agree the break between first and second sample are too long, its more a test about musical memory.
Kinda reminds of the old game "loom" by lucasarts, i'd love to see a remake of that
You basically advance in the game by remembering (or writing down) melodies and replay them at the right spot. What a great unique game..
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Originally Posted by bpower
If anyone thinks this is so awesome that it must be posted on all forums, feel free to do so.
No, please don't feel free to do so. One thread, no matter how awesome it may seem, is enough. If it's that great, there will be a lot of posts and people will find the thread.
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72.2%. I have absolutely no musical ability, and I feel like I could have done a lot better if there were a few trial tests at the beginning. I think he's vastly overrating the difficulty of his test.
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The quality of the speakers won't make a difference with this test, you don't exactly need a highly resolving system to replicate midi tones.

I would say that some of the passages are definitely too long, I'm sure if i could analyze my individual results the longer samples would be the ones I guessed incorrectly for.
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86.1% Correct

Crap. I *so* wanted to exhibit "World-class musical abilities". Now I'm never going to be able to use my musical abilities for good abroad...
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Whew... Makes me wonder what I missed.
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haha....91.7 percent
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Originally Posted by Asr

As far as I'm concerned, this test is bunk for testing tone-deafness. It's testing memory, not tone-deafness. I have absolute perfect pitch, been playing violin for 19 years, did piano for 5, all my teachers even told me I had perfect pitch.

And IMO the overload of synth sounds isn't reliable for testing this, how can you gauge tone-deafness with synthesized sounds? Give me a piano or stringed instrument and I can tell a wrong note when I hear one, or identify any note being played.

Agreed that this is more a memory test than a test for tone discrimination -- and even without looking at the result of the survey, I can confidently say that you'll find people better at discriminating tones at the ends of musical phases than those in the middle.

I'd expect such a test to include sounds of different structures: pure-tone sine waves, instruments with relatively simple overtones (e.g. the piano); those with more complex overtones (e.g. woodwinds); and harmonised music.
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not too shabby! i also skimmed over the first few, i wasn't entirely serious about the whole thing. besides, i'll also agree that this is more of musical memory than a test of tone deafness... oh well.
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I'm not that impressed. I got an 82.2%, but I feel that this wasn't a very reliable test. It really shouldn't test with synthesized notes, no matter what you perfect pitch people say. I have very good relative pitch, but I still found myself being tested more on memory skills than anything else. Some passages were blatantly, obviously different - but some you just couldn't remember because they were too long! One thing I tried doing was resolving all of the notes played into a cluster tone with my voice, and seeing if I got the same result the second time through.
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I scored a 97.2% but this seems to be a test of musical experience combined with a test of memory and attention span. If there was an option to repeat each sound over and over, I think anyone could score 100%. I'm pretty sure any kind of musician will score higher than 90%. There must be plenty of non-musicians who score high as well. These are skills that beginning guitarists use very early trying to figure songs out. It's an issue of practice and familiarity, rather than physical ability. This +/- test seems a little simple.
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