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Are you tone deaf? Online Test

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Here's an online test for "musical ability".


I'm in work at the mo' and forgot to bring me cans in so I havent tried it yet. Anyway, have a go people and post your scores. A prize will be awarded to the person with the highest score.*

If anyone thinks this is so awesome that it must be posted on all forums, feel free to do so.

*Prize may not exist.
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Got 75% so I can't be tone deaf as I have always felt when trying to learn any instrument.

I was only half able to listen as I am at work
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Holy crap! I got 77.8% and I am very pleased with myself! I thought I had NO musical abilities at all.

P.S. did it on my PC speakers
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Through my crappy laptop speakers, I got 77.8% also. Not too bad. I do do a LOT of music though, so maybe I'm not as good as I thought.
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i got 83.3%, but i'm at work so my (shi tty dell) speakers are low.
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75%, can't help but think that memory is being tested too, especially with some of those longer passages.
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83.3, i knew which ones i got wrong too
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They were testing my patience with really bad MIDI horn samples, lol.
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As far as I'm concerned, this test is bunk for testing tone-deafness. It's testing memory, not tone-deafness. I have absolute perfect pitch, been playing violin for 19 years, did piano for 5, all my teachers even told me I had perfect pitch.

And IMO the overload of synth sounds isn't reliable for testing this, how can you gauge tone-deafness with synthesized sounds? Give me a piano or stringed instrument and I can tell a wrong note when I hear one, or identify any note being played.
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I got 64%. But i agree, it isn't really testing your "tone abilities" as much as your memory.
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83.3%. i'm getting my ears syringed soon, so we'll see if i can do better once that's over with
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I dunno, I think the test is pretty well done. The only other way that they can test this is: play a series of monotonic notes and then change a note in there somewhere and ask whether or not the notes changed, which I think anyone can do. Tone deafness is just whether or not you're able to distinguish tones from another, and although you have to be able to remember the previous sequence, I don't see how else this can be done properly.

And ASR, though you have perfect pitch, you should still be able to do it with any instrument, it may be easier with piano/violin for you as it is for me because those are what we play, you should still be able to do it.

Anyways, here's my score.

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