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Morpheus - The Next Napster?

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This isn't much about head-fi, but hey, admit it -- you've used Napster once or twice in your life, and you liked it when it was something worth using...

After weeks of my buddy nagging me to try it, I finally downloaded the Morpheus client over at www.musiccity.com. He claimed it was far better than Napster, but didn't elaborate on why -- so I decided to check it out myself.

It is better than Napster. The primary reason it is better then Napster is that if 20 people have the same file that you're downloading (which eventually, at least that many people will) then your client will establish connections with multiple people simultaneously effectively boosting your download speed significantly.

So lets say that 5 different people have freebird.mp3, it will calculate the speed/pipe of each person, and assign a chunk of that file to each person so that you're downloading the largest chunk from Mr. Cablemodem Guy, a medium chunk from Mr. 128K ISDN Guy and three smaller chunks from Mr. 56K Guy. Okay, that's a cheesy example, but hopefully you catch my drift.

Morpheus allows you to search all different types of media, not just MP3 files. These include pictures, movies/MPEG/AVI, sounds/music, and general software ZIPs, etc.

The file organization is very good too -- it breaks it all down into media type, then category/artist, etc.

Anyone else try Morpheus?
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Haven't tried Morpheus, but love Gnutella throught the excellent client LimeWire. I have stopped using P2P programs, lately, tho - mp3s just sound kruddy lately. I mean, i used to encode at 160K, then 256K, now 320K don't sound good enough. I mean, that is the BEST compression scheme out there short of MAC, and what do i get? Dead, tho fairly accurate, sound. I think ATRAC will be better - that's why i'm getting an MD.

(talk about rambling off-topic)
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How bout Audiogalaxy. It rocks. Beats Napster, Limewire, Napigator, and Bearshare (all of which I have tried).


AUDIOGALAXY!!!!! where else ya gonna find Peanut Butter Wolf?!
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audiogalaxy is pretty good, but their server is quite slow at times. More importantly, it has started blocking copyrighted songs. Sure, it is incredibly easy to get past their blocking, but it is usually quite hard to find high-bitrate MP3's...

I like WinMX, it uses the original napster servers as well as other servers and has a great selection of high quality MP3's...

Still trying to learn how to use newsgroups...
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Go for it, Thomas! Usenet has quietly burbled away long before Napster blew the lid off mp3s, and it will continue to do so for a long time...

The best feature being that the news server is probably located _at_ your ISP. I can download from my isp's nntp host for hours at a steady 350kb/sec. If your ISP has no (or terrible) nntp, then it becomes somewhat less attractive; cost goes up, speed goes down.

My favourite newsreader: NewsBin, from http://www.newsbin.com .

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thanks...i'll try using that program...

350k/sec? damn, right now i'm lucky to get 3.5 k/sec i'm getting DSL tomorrow (already have the hardware, just waiting for the activation date) so that should quickly change
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