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I want a Zeus! But only when they come down to about $600.
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Thanks for the translation lini.

I want a Zeus! But only when they come down to about $600.
heh, so I guess we'll never get that review.
Come on guys, there has to be someone rich around here
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I thought the Zeus was out of production?

Drool...I want one too.
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Alright - here's what I got from Sennheiser (second lines are always my translations):

>Subj: HD 1000 [ND-Cerberus checked]
>Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 9:56:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time
>From: Bxxxxxxx@Sennheiser.Com
>To: Rxxxxxxxx@aol.com

>Sehr geehrter Herr Rxxxx,

Much honoured Mr. Rxxxx,

>vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage.-

thanks a lot for your request.

>Es gab wirklich einen Kopfhörer mit der Bezeichnung HD 1000.

In fact there was a headphone with the name HD 1000.

>Dieser Hörer arbeitet mit Wandlersystemen, die auch im HD 435 eingesetzt wurden.

This phone works with the drivers, that were also used in the HD 435. (anyone remember this one?)

>Der Kopfhörer integriert sich mit seiner Ordnungszahl nicht in die Kopfhörer-Reihe; es handelt sich um ein eigenständiges Gerät.

This headphone doesn't integrate itself in the headphone series with its type-number; it's a unique model.

>Hergestellt wurde der HD 1000 Charleston um 1996.

The HD 1000 Charleston was built around 1996.

>Bei Fragen stehe ich gern zur Verfügung.

If you have further questions, please feel free to ask me. (that wasn't very literal, but some phrases are hard to translate...)

>Mit freundlichen Grüßen
>Txxxxx Bxxxxxxx, PMC

With friendly greetings
(i.A. is a hard one - means "im Auftrag" (literally: "by order") which is usually used, when you sign for somebody else, for example because this person is on vacation...)
Tom Bergmann, PMC (I really do not have the slightest idea, what PMC is supposed to mean... maybe product manager chief?)

So now we know - and in addition it's nice to know that Sennheiser answers customer requests in a polite and helpful manner, even unusual ones...

Nevertheless: I already contacted the dealer that offers this headphone by using the button on their site that should generate an order-form and send it to my email address, but nothing happened, yet. Actually, I tried it twice with two different email addresses of mine...

Greetings from SF!

Manfred / lini
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Ooops. It seems I was way too skeptical. Thanks, lini!
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By the way: In the meantime, their order form has arrived. They only deliver within Germany. Total cost including shipping is 292 DM - but I'm not sure yet, if I should get one... Would be my first Sennheiser after 20 years of abstinence, though.

Greetings from SF!

Manfred / lini

P.S.: Another thing I wonder about: Would the quality of a headphone degrade a lot, when it has been sitting unused in a shelf for 5 years? Any ideas?
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I kinda like the looks of the 1000's. But I am also weird as hell.
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