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I wanted to buy them and missed the price hit the page altogether. They were priced and sold during the afternoon USA time. It took all of 10 minutes for them to go a fellow in Salt Lake City. There were a number of people ready to buy them - it was all a matter of timing.
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Hello there,

I recently ordered a nice piece of claro walnut burl, a very figured piece. The blank was 9x9x3". Todd suggested a headphone stand so I did it, later might be grado cups if I find another interesting piece. This is my second wood project and it was fun as hell! The finished piece for the base is about 8.5x6x1.5" I used oil to really keep the natural look of the wood. The pipe cap is pretty big 2.5" x 2".

I had a hard time finding the finish I wanted for the pipes, after wasting about 4 pipes assembly I decided to sand with a 400 sand paper those pipe and applied a teak/tung oil on it and I got the same finish as my wood, nice glossy finish. Paint wasn't for me!

So here is a few pictures with the Darth's and my leather zebrafied 325i.


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WOW. Excellent work with beautiful wood.

So, how do you like the sound of the 325i with those pads?
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Sick!!!!!!!!!!! I want one? How much for a piece of wenge?
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Excellent work indeed!!!!!
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GreatDane: I love those Grado's as much as I like my Darth's the improvement is big. Mostly in the soundstage is MUCH better, also much more "airyness" and bass impact, the mids/high are mellower with all the details.

Todd: I have came across this piece on eBay.. if I get lucky and I find a huge wenge piece I might consider doing it. The wood for this stand cost me around 50$ including shipping.. and considering the time (I am not sure yet if I would even find the time..) I am pretty much busy 70 hours a week and when I can't sleep I do these things. :P

Skylab: Thank you very much!

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Originally Posted by scubadiver329 View Post
Look what's in the mail!

Let them burn 120 hours before listening them. They change a whole lot!

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scubadiver, these look great. Maybe even better with black leather pads, but this is a matter of taste,

Mine are still in customs.... Nine days already..hate the waiting...
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Look, they finally arrived. Killer phones right out of the box. Yooo Hoo
Will change the pads for black gel ear seals

PS: These were already posted in my Black Ebony thread
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And they sure are beautiful!
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Man they are gorgeous!

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Very nice!!!
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Guys, I'm planning on getting a Darth soon(damn, you guys are influential AND evil), and I was wondering if there are any more maple Darths out there besides the ONE that was posted here?

I need to see more examples of maple ones.
I'm torn between Maple and Zebra wood.... I'm going for a closed V3 btw.

Nice black darth BTW. Now that deserves to be called DARTH.
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How about Snakewood/Wenge?
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