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Sports Headphones

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I am looking to buy my sister headphones for jogging to use with a portable CD player which I am also getting her, probably a Panasonic 570. I think the 570 is a good choice for jogging. You agree?
I have read lots of treads praising the Koss KSC-35's which no longer seem available. What would you reccomend? I recently purchased sony V-6's and Sennheiser 280's both I am very pleased with, which could work for jogging, but is probably not the best choice for jogging. Please give me some ideas. I am looking to spend $40- $75.
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Koss PortaPros?
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I like my PortaPros very much, and I think they would fit the bill pretty well for jogging (though the pads might get a little sweaty). They are super light and have a good fit that will stay on. I don't know if Koss is still having the half-off promotion, but you used to be able to get them from their site for $25 plus shipping.
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