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Ian bought my Stax SR-001 phones/amp along with a SR-001 to Stax 5pin adapter and a mini to mini cable. Great guy to work with. Enjoy em!

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sold him a pair of UM2. excellent transaction
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Total Bithead

Instant payment buyer.

Easy to deal with and negotiations was over in two hours. Item shipped next day.

Thumbs up.
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Ian bought some CD's from me. He was a pleasure to deal with as we worked out various overseas shipping options, and once we decided, he paid quickly. He's a good guy sure as Bob's your uncle.
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Another very pleasant transaction with Ian. He bought a pair of HE60's from juzmister who sent them to me to have them tested, cleaned, and modded. Enjoy your modded HE60's!

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Ian purchased my Piccolo DAC, a battery holder (with connectors) and two mini-mini toslink cables.
I found him easy to communicate with and had a pleasant transaction throughout.
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Ian had me make him a mini to mini cable and a mini to rca cable. As always a please to work with and always some great conversations in there. I hope you enjoy the cables.

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Ian bought a Stax SRDX Pro Energiser from me and was excellent to deal with. Honest, clear, freindly and prompt in his communications . You couldn't ask for more! Many thanks.
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Ian purchased my TDS sound enhancer. He was an exemplary buyer: friendly, honest, accommodating and prompt. Many thanks!
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Musical Fidelity A3.5, Shunyata power cord, plus others

I sold my MF A3.5 CD Player, a new power cord, a Statmat CDi Blue CD treatment, plus a couple of highend CDs to Ian.

The whole transaction - starting from my receipt of the first inquiry from Ian, all through to the arrival of the package at his place, is a pleasant experience for me. Ian pays fast - very fast in fact. He knows what he wants and has been extremely responsive and polite throughout. Due to oversizing the package, I have to make a decision to send the package by speedpost without consulting Ian. When I told Ian about this, he was so kind that he send me additional funds to help contribute to the delivery cost difference. What a man !

I can't say enough about this transaction. Apart from collecting good funds to help my next upgrade, I also get a friend. And I am sure we will be in touch long after this deal.

Highly recommended Head-Fier !

Thanks again, Ian.

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I sold my RSA Hornet to Ian and the whole transaction went through very smoothly - he is a great guy to deal with.

Would certainly recommend him.
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I sold a pair of VH Pulsar interconnects to Ian and it was a great transaction. He is an honest and communicative Head-fi'er and a very courteous person to deal with. It is people like this that make Head-Fi such a fantastic community - worldwide
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Ian bought my McAlister EA-4 amp. He paid immediately, and is an excellent person to deal with, and to communicate with. I really enjoyed this transaction.
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Sold Ian two sets of Interconnects. Great guy to deal with. Fast payment. Communication was excellent. Would certainly recommend to others!
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sold apuresound dac-1 to Ian. buy/sell/trade, anytime with Ian

another one with Ian; rca to rca this time.
always a pleasure with Ian
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