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souporhero - the Etys should be fine on the subway if you're just sitting or standing. I find it's when walking, having to move your upper body and especially head, that noise becomes a problem. I find that once you've got the hang of inserting them, it's pretty well as quick as putting in ordinary earbuds.
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To eliminate most cable noise, just loop the cables over your ears and use the shirt clip. It works for me. Of course, internal-body-generated noises won't go away, but it helps...
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I guess I am looking for perfection for under a grand. Pretty funny. Just to let you all know, I am pretty new at the headphone thing. I have been into the high end 2 channel home audio thing for a couple of years, and I personally think that cables make a big difference, at least in home audio it does. So, for me, it is more an argument of sound degradation to the drivers from the amp with longer cables than anything else. I am not a super technical guy, but what I have learned through the years is simpler is better, that a longer cable is generally subtractive when compared to a shorter cable of the same quality.

So, in the end, I am a little hesitante to take the advice that the 4p with a 6ft adapter sounds identical to a 4s with half the cable length.

I am looking for nirvana at a cheap price, I know. That is why I am also beginning to think that I should stop thinking about getting the best of both worlds with the 4p and adaptor and pay the bucks for no compromise.

Please tell me different. I know that there are a lot of you high end types out there.

Much thanks for the people who have told me about the noise factor in the cable. I think that I will just have to get them and deal with the noise. Part of me was thinking that the 4p would have less noise, but that doesn;t seem to be the case.

thanks again.

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The 4P with adapter WOULD sound identical, don't worry. If not for the fact that I have enough amps that I can carry one with me at all times, I would have gotten a 4P+adapter. GO WITH THE 4P AND ADAPTER, and don't worry about the extra cable length, you can probably get the builder to just make a short pigtail.
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Has anyone

... done a head to head comparison between the 4P+adapter and the 4s?


eric343, I am very tempted to take your advice. I'll probably make my decision within the week.


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