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Quality headphones wothout amp?

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Hi all, I've been reading a lot of the posts here, but I feel the need to consult with the pros about my situation.

I need a pair of phones for listening to mostly hip-hop, electronica, and jazz, i.e. music with a substantial amount of bass. However, the overall quality of the sound reproduction accross the frequency spectrum must be very good as well :-)

I considered the HD590, but I got the feeling from some of the posts here that it does not reproduce lows very well. However, without an amp it seems like one of the few phones that would be properly driven. Comfort is also a very substantial concern for me.

Can anyone shed some light on this? Also, I am very unfamiliar with Audio-Technica and their model line, would any of their products match my tastes?

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I would have to say that the Audio-Technica lineup is very impressive. I don't think I have run into any other phones which offer the full dynamic range reproduction in as inoffensive a manner as them unlike say Grado when your knee is jerking upwards and your teeth are being grited with every treble note, plus offering good bass, which can be even better now due to DADS, although you may not notice this strangely if you use them from audiophile equipment (but ampless I suppose you're not at audiophile level yet )

I would point you towards the ATH-A900 if you're on a budget, and the ATH-A1000 if you're not. I haven't got the A1000 yet, althoguht I have the A100Ti/W100/A900, but I think I'm pretty safe in making this recommendation.
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Re: Quality headphones wothout amp?

I would recommend the HD590s. Bass is punchy in my opinion and goes fairly deep even without an amplifier. They are very comfortable aswell.
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Both the 1000-series ATs and Sony CD3Ks should be good choices. I can vouch for the CD3Ks since I'm using them unamped with an iPod as I write this.

I haven't heard AT's 1000-series, but the DADS system is incorporated in my W2002s. They work extremely well with relatively high-end solid state gear such as the Sugden Headmaster, so I wouldn't be overly concerned in this respect.

Both have excellent bass, but IMO the CD3Ks have a decided edge in this department.

You won't go wrong with either choice, but keep in mind that, because the AT's aren't officially distributed in the US, you'll be paying nearly the same price for both despite the Sony's $300 higher MSRP.

Just a bit o' food for thought.

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Which website allows you to order the AT's?
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thanks for the input guys. The CD3K is too expensive for me though :-( I have up to 300 to spend on the phones, and I will probably go for the HD590 after i give it a try at the local Tweeter.

Thanks again, and please keep the opinions coming!
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if you want bass, also consider Beyer DT250-80...
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