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Have you ever experienced this?

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As I have told you in the past my set up is a Little More Amp, the Grados SR-325 and a Panasonic SL-SW870 discman.....
See most of the times I enjoy my music through my system......but sometimes I feel that some recordings even though they have been well recorded sound dull and lifeness....
then I engage the Highs filter on and they sound harsh......so there's no place in between......
Does it mean that the "well recorded" cds are not so well recorded? or it's just that some recordings just doesn't sound good through headphones......
The most interesting thing is that my Grados are supposed to be SO revealing specially in the high frecuencies.....so I just can't think listening to those recordings through Senns!!!
A hint, Spock's Beard "V"
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Seems like you actually have to listen to some comparable Senns to know for sure. Otherwise it's all theoretical.
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Spock's Beard "V" dull and lifeless?? thats one fun album if you ask me! it's also a bit warm recording, and they don't use much high tones from the synths or guitars, rather the warm mellow sound of hammonds and such. it's not meant to sparkle.
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Pigmode, what I meant is that the Senns do sound warmer (less highs)than the Grados....

Braver, you are right, tha's the reason I said "a well recorded...." because it sounds nice in my car stereo..... and when I meant dull and lifeless is related to the sound of the cymbals....trough my headphones.........because when I play it in my home or car stereo I use the treble controls to set it right....
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I wouldn't "V" a particularly good recording. it's like someone has been fiddling with the eq and the drum is way up in the mix at certain moments. great album tho.
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