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Zeus sale info and options

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Just thought I would post this link in case anyone is interested.


Haven't read any discussion on this amp here or at headwize even though it has been around for a number of years. Somebody spill their guts.
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The zeus has been an ignigma from when guys like cmoy, headster, vka, vertigo and myself were just getting earmax's.

anyway, no one has bought one yet. weve had guys with(or at least listen to) carys, maxes, dct-1s, etc...but no zeus.

i was debating buying one but i would have had to wait 4-6 weeks to build so i vouched for the ha-2 instead.

i still wish i would have bought the zeus but what can ya do...?
hindsight is always perfect nicht?

were trying to see if vertigo can get a sample and post a review.
that would be cuel.

we are still waiting!
someone IS goin to get one of these one day and he will be really happy or really pissed!
God bless,
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At one time, I was curious about this amp too.

After searching high and low on the Internet, as well as Headwize, there is little to no information. There has been only one review (and the reviewer probably got a loaner).

Given the lack of a track record, I would be very hesitant in plunking down the big $$$ for such a product. It seems unproven, and without head-to-head comparisons with competing products, it will likely remain a pariah.
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Someone at headroom should then buy this amp and review it.... you know for research and in the name of science!!!
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Plus juicy tax write off.
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Time-share amp?

Silly idea:

Let's all pitch in and buy the Zeus (or another very expensive amp) and share it. Example: 12 people split the cost of the Zeus ($1600 / 12 = $134 per person) - then each person gets to use it one month out of the year.

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the person getting february better hope it's a leap year
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It's good to finally get some replies. I thought maybe I got put on double secret probation or something and replies were forbidden

I vote for the black chrome and zebrawood version. Too bad this amp is beyond my means for now because I have a small stockpile of hot 1940's 6EM7 tubes for my preamp which is what this amp uses....
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Well, sure it's pricey, but's it's like a work of art. Think of it that way!

I mean just look at this beauty :

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