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Tea and chocolate.
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Originally Posted by terance View Post

I have been a tea drinker for a long time, hot, cold, green, dark whatever it is, I love trying new teas.

I was wondering if there was some kind of online seller, or local seller that you guys perfer tastewise?

I've been in an Earl grey mode lately, but i just got out of a decaf green tea phase.



I like drinking Earl Grey and (Masala) Chai tea (with milk, and both sweetened with sugar or artificial sweetener).

The brands I prefer are Twinings (for Earl Grey and Masala Chai) and Wagh Bakri (for Masala Chai).

Green tea doesn't have that much caffeine anyway, so it's probably not worth bothering with the decaf version.

I don't usually bother to make a cup of tea from leaf tea. Doesn't seem to be worth the extra effort. Might be a different story for Masala Chai, where you can use leaf tea, and add your own spices.




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