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Grado's whats about them

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To be honest, i am a grado lover, however after owning quite a few diferent cans using differnet amps

I have to say they sound amazing, but the build quality is still something I wish they would improve on...

they aren't overly entirely expensive headphones, compared to the fact that they can be easily compared to expensive electrostats in terms of detail
and they sound quite nice

I like the thick guage cable that goes into the cans, but I definately dislike the cheap headband (even for rs-2')
the stupid globs of glue that keep the cords attached to each driver.

the cheap positioning metal band which apparently are for convience of being able to place then face down...

um ya and the crappy foam used for the pads.

I mean they definately sound amazing, but I wish they were built more solidly like a good set of akg 501's or 580/600's. I'm not saying they shouldn't be superaural

but make them solid, charge a bit more but they would definately be a much better buy
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Well, don't forget Grado's are definitely "man made", each and evey single pair. John Grado explained to us that basically up to 17 people at a time churn out their products. Were not talking a giant "solid state" operation, but for me, they definitely out perform a lot of other cans that are made at these "state of the art" places.
For me it's still how that sound rather that how they'll fair if I drop them or whatnot.
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