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Originally Posted by seanohue View Post
Ah, so it is the same dillon157 as from CS Nice hit btw

Grats man!
Ha, I was wondering about you too... something about you just seemed really familiar. What's your user id on CS?
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Originally Posted by Advil View Post
Anyone know of cigars with very dense smoke?

I'm in the mood to learn to blow smoke rings... haha

I've found it easier to learn by using a very mild smoke to keep from choking. I actually learned with Hookah smoke, not cigars. But anything with a loose draw would be good. Go with an Hoyo de Monterrey or something.
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Originally Posted by Advil View Post
Anyone know of cigars with very dense smoke?

I'm in the mood to learn to blow smoke rings... haha
I learned to blow smoke rings on a pipe and some swisher sweets, lol. So I guess anything would work. I'd recommend a Padron, as I always do, if you want a nice dense smoke that'll hold together and impress the...well, truthfully it impresses more guys than ladies...
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Okay, well, it seems that I post in this forum too much. I'm beginning to think that I really need to start learning more about headphones and other audio more than cigars...lol. Anyway, here's my latest review: the Onyx Reserve Belicoso #2.

The Onyx Reserve Belicoso #2: 3.44
Wrapper: Maduro
Length: 6 1/8''
Ring Gauge: 52

Taste: 3
Construction: 4.2
Draw: 4.1
Aroma: 2.4
Finish: 3.5

This cigar is a pretty good smoke for the money (I paid about 3.60 for it), but its not one I would recommend to people who love the aroma and aftertaste of their cigars, as I do. It had a wonderful draw, and allowed for a clean, even burn, but the aroma was overly woody and somewhat acidic, as was the taste. The aftertaste is not very pleasant, and I'm trying to get it out of my mouth with a coke right now...The construction of the cigar was quite good and I got no tobacco in my mouth during the entirety of the smoke. Overall, this is a good maduro smoke, but it pales in comparison to some of the other cigars I've had of the same length, strength, and wrapper.
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Nice review. I got one of them sittin in my humi at the moment, I'll have to try it soon.
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Let us know how you like it sean. I'm interested in some opposing viewpoints. I may be a little biased toward the stronger cigars.
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My favs are Don Tomas Cameroon collection. Nice draw even burn, pretty heavy smoke(but not harsh). Come's in all great sizes. I like Perfecto #1 for a "quick smoke" 4.0x48 30-45 min maybe and Double Corona 7.5x52 50min+. And price is not bad $50-90 for box of 25(and 4 other sizes), And what I think best of all if you get a med. sixed one, the 1st one you have will give you almost a little tabacco "high"


Have a good somke all
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I havent tried the DT Cameroons yet, and I'm a huge cameroon fan, I'll have to pick up a fiver sometime.
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For Christmas my wife bought me a single Drew Estates Java, sadly I didn't snap a pic before I smoked it This smoke was fantastic for a flavored smoke, here is a link http://www.javacigars.com/ I have been wanting a good desert cigar and I think I have found it It delivers a flavor that must be experienced (if you desire a flavored smoke) Anyone else get some cigars for Christmas? Sorry Zara I didn't get the Humidor I was hoping for but I will remedy that myself within the next month or two and then I can send you my old one. Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year


I can't find these online anywhere.....everyone is sold out!
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Nat Sherman Gotham Westside #1400: 4.8
Taste: 4.9
Construction: 5
Draw: 4.9
Aroma: 4.6
Finish: 4.6
This is a medium-to-full-bodied cigar lover's delight! I also love this cigar, being an oaky to very slight sweet wrap of Brazillian leaves. It's a Dominican, but a handmade one that emphasizes a smooth, yet fuller taste. It smokes consistently and has a slight but pleasant aftertaste. The ash is almost white and fine. The draw is so consistent. The construction is such excellent quality. This cigar will just invite cigar lovers of full-bodied and mild cigars that want a change. The box is a tan, leather-like cover over cedar, and has an overall paper wrapping - very classy. Another Nat Sherman winner!

FYI if anyone will be at CES, we'll be at the lunch tent on tuesday - join us for a smoke!
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OpusX Fuente Fuente


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A co-worker just gave me a Montecristo #2 today:

My budding collection:

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Scored a Don Carlos Belicoso and a #2 yesterday. I am hoping to have a good smoking day Sunday.
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Originally Posted by Oski View Post
A co-worker just gave me a Montecristo #2 today:
I've got a few of those left from the box. When I was overseas the Navy Post office accepted mail order boxes of Cubans from the Spanish web sites (here's one: cigarsclub).

Btw, can someone point to a link on how to deal with mold? I tried wiping them down, and the insides of the humidor (box type) and it still came back or never left. Two of my four boxeshave the white fluffy stuff. No damage to the cigars but the humidifyer vents get clogged with the stuff and of course some cigars have the stuff on them. Does not affect the smoking or taste.

edit: punctuation

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I live 3.55 miles from The Tampa Sweetheart cigar factory.

The first cigar bearing the family name was hand-rolled in 1912 when Arturo Fuente started the “A. Fuente Cigar Company.” Among the first brands made was the “Tampa Sweethearts.” Its logo of a man romancing a woman on a rowboat inspired our name. In 1924, Arturo lost his business to fire. To pay off creditors, without claiming bankruptcy, he worked for other cigar manufacturers.

During the 1940’s, with his wife and a few relatives, he began business again from the back of his home with “Arturo Fuente Cigar Company ” located in Ybor City. His business flourished and he moved to a two-story factory during the mid 1950’s. Cigar production was on the first floor, while he lived with his wife and 2 sons, Arturo Oscar and Carlos, on the second floor.

By the early 1960’s, success demanded more space and the Fuente family moved their company into the historic “Charles the Great” cigar factory. This four-story red-brick building was built in 1895 and remains an architectural gem of Ybor City. Carlos, was now president of the firm, and Arturo Oscar was Vice-President.

The 1970’s was a period of economical and industrial challenges. Runaway inflation and inability to find skilled workers caused the company to look abroad. During the early 1980’s, producing hand-rolled cigars became a lost art in Tampa and visionary changes took place. Factories were started in Nicaragua then Honduras, but misfortune once again struck sending the now named “Tabacalera A. Fuente y Compania” to the Dominican Republic. There they began with only seven employees. After several years, the demand from loyal cigar customers necessitated more workers and factories. Today “Tabacalera A.Fuente y Compania” has over 2,500 employees and four factories.

In 1994, all Arturo Fuente operations were finally closed from the “Charles the Great” factory. At that time, Arturo Oscar officially retired from the company and then opened “Tampa Sweethearts Cigar Company,” in that same building. “Tampa Sweethearts” is a retail outlet and mail order business that is all run by family members. Today, his elder son, Arturo Oscar Jr., is president of the company. Here you will find Arturo Fuente®, Montesino®, Flor de Ybor City®, as well as the apprentice-rolled Tampa Sweethearts® cigars.
The apprentice stuff is what you would expect, a sometimes enjoyable cheap smoke. The Flor De Ybor City cigars are excellent, and of course they have great prices on Fuente's and all the related brands. Buying from the once great Fuente factory makes it that much better .
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