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How much am I $lookin$ to buy a couple of those?
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if you find a good shop, generally $15-50 depending on what you plan to buy
a montecristo no.4 is a good smoke that will set you back $20

personally i wouldn't worry about bringing any back. Enjoy one while you're down there and see if its worth the hype before blowing a wad of cash on a box or something.
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Is the Montecristo No. 4 the “staple” Cuban cigar?
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What are some of the good humidors for the money??

I'm looking at a 10-20 count
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Netminder, sorry for the lack of reply. I regret that I don't know much about humidors. However, an issue of Cigar magazine I read back in December of 2005 says that you can use almost any relatively airtight container as a humidor if you get a humidification device to fit. However, if you want to get to know a little more about what you should look for check out http://www.humidor-guide.com/. Good luck, and let us know how the search works out!

On another note: I'll be getting around to my Tobacconist this coming weekend (he was closed last week ) and I don't know whether I should spring for the Opus X or not...opinions?
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Well I just started into cigars. One of my best memories is of my grandpa smoking a pipe out in the sun room. And I love when I smoke a cigar becuase thats the first thing to come to mind.
I bought a couple, one being a "grab-bag" fromt he local shop that includes three cigars from the end of boxes. I think the average cost of said cigars is like $7, but the he charges $10 for the three.
Next I bought 4 Fuente's and I really like them. I'm down to two, as I smoked both a dark one and one of the more mild ones.
Does anyone have any other suggestions for smokes?

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The box is for the hemingway series from Fuentes.. one of my favorites. They have a small stick that is outstanding and reasonable called a "ShortStory" about 5 bucks online at various shops. MDCigars.com carries them, below.

Another good way to get to know the various sticks around is to use MDCigars' friday night specials. Mike charges 15 bucks to your door every friday for 3 cigars. One is usually worth 10 bucks and the other two are in the 3-5 dollar range, still a good deal and Mike gets a lot of new clients this way. He runs a good shop


My consistent source for quality, price and available inventory remains, http://www.famous-smoke.com/cigars/index.cfm
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For the Ceegar aficionados:

I know squat about cigars, but people at Sickdeals.net are going ga ga over this:

EDIT: This was 20$ shipped when I posted originally. It has gone up since.
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I had a La Flor Domincana Limitado a week or so ago and it was excellent. The best I have smoked in a long time. Excellent draw and burn, really smooth but rich with no bitterness. I think I smoked that one down to the last inch.
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@ Samgotit - thats definitely a bargain. wow. If only I hadn't just returned from a trip to my tobacconist.

On that note, just got a 1926 Padron and a 1964 Padron. Both Principe'.

Can't wait for those.
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get on clubstogie.com to find the link to the 20 dollars one.... i picked one up a couple of months ago and it was a great deal!
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i haven't had a stogie in awhile but back when i smoked them i enjoyed the CAO Anniversary lineup
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Okay, to report on the 1926 Padron Maduro.

Its an old cigar, so its very aromatic, burn was fairly straight, draw was amazing. The flavor wasn't quite as complex as the 1964 series, which kind of disappointed me. I mean, at 10 bucks a stick, I expect as good or better than an 8 dollar cigar.

Tonight I'll be indulging in the 1964 Principe Maduro. This cigar is my favorite by far, as I've said before on this thread. I get hints of coffee bean and chocolate in the smoke, and they change up every puff. Man, can't wait for this one.
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Bump out of the abyss for updates and pics!

I just bought a Savoy humidor, 75 count made of bubinga (hello bubinga darths?) I'm waiting for it to season right now, It's sitting on my counter with a glass of distilled water for about a week to absorb moisture. I also have some 65% beads on the way, if anyone has a humidor and dont use beads.... DO IT. Go to www.heartfelt industries.com and get em. Google it too, theres tons of info out there!

Until my humidor seasons, I have a few new sticks that are being kept in my tupperdor. Check it out!

little tupperdor - two hygrometers to make sure its right haha.

my all time favorite stick - Cohiba crystal corona

Wintertime calls for short smoking sessions - Hellllloooo Cohiba Pequanos!

Two different Opus X's and a Padron 1926

And the humidor, stillllll waiting for it to season.

anyone else got some new stuff? or have any discussion?
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