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Been taking it easy of late. Girl got me a box of Tatuaje J21 Reservas for Christmas. Smoked a PDR 1878 yesterday and it was pretty good.

cigarplace.biz had a ton of anejos in stock but sold out fast. Sign up on their site for news and sales.


May try the one 46th maduro I have resting.

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I am holding out for the day, the glorious day when we can trade with Cuba again.


When I used to go up to Canada I loved lighting up on anything Cuban.  For some reason everything else tastes bitter.


One time I had some left over and forgot to remove them before I left.  When I got to the declaration point, I remembered that I had them and figured they would simply take them away and that would be the end of it.  But no.  The guy looked at me like I made an innappropriate and lewd suggestion about the entire female line of his family and had me pulled over and searched; person and car.  That will teach me!

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Well, haven't had a cigar in probably a month or two.  The sad fact is that I have no where to smoke at the moment.  I'm staying with my parents over winter break and both my brother and my father have decided to stop smoking cigarettes for the new year.  Apparently the smell of cigar smoke would set them off.  I don't know that it makes much sense, but hopefully when I get back to school I'll have some decent whether in which to light up something tasty.  Until then, keep on smoking brothers.




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Happy New Year guys.


I had a Padron 46th maduro New Years day and it was very good. All the high end Padron stuff starts to blend in with each other in my mind. I still love the 40th a lot though.

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I found that nomenclature for the '77' or 'Shark' later, but thanks for the info. To any who are still looking for Arturo Fuente Añejos, Cigar.com has a KILLER deal on them. They're completely sold out of the Shark, but all others are in stock and priced from $11-$14 a stick! Correct me if I'm wrong, but most stores I've seen have them around $20/ea. ±$2. Get 'em while you can! http://www.cigar.com/cigars/viewCigar.asp?brand=817


As for recent lights, I've been lacking. It's been cold and rainy here in Sacramento lately, but I did get my hands on a 2 Opus X's which shall be lit soon.

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Originally Posted by tjohnusa View Post

I took up cigars to help quit cigarettes....I know, I know. I have dabbled with cigars for the last year but recently (6 mos ago) ordered a package deal of humidor and cigars from Thompson. They had the "old timers" with that original order and were out of stock when I wanted to reorder. They sent the "pheonix" instead and I love this smoke, very fresh tasting and mild. I like the maduro wrapper and robusto size. I work with a guy that is really into cigars and he gave me a Opus X to try. I kept it in my humidor for a couple months and checked it out last week. It was like smoking FIRE, full flavor smokes are not for me, well at least not yet. Oh, by the way I haven't smoked a cigarette in a couple months.

Now I understand more about it, Thanks for your explanation!
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A really good friend of mine took his family to India for a vacation.  One night overlooking the Taj Mahal at sunset, he and his son puffed an a pair of Cubans.  He said they were so sweet.

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I just received my first humidor.  Cigars are on the way.  I have a 8 oz bottle of Propylene glycol 50/50, which is supposed to be for refilling the humidifier, so I'm getting some distilled water to prepare the humidor.  I plan to use the method of wiping down the walls with distilled water and leaving wet sponge inside.  Any other tips?


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I just went wild on cigar spree, bought boxes of:



601 Blue Maduro

Carlos Torano Tribute 08

JdN Antano 1970

JdN Dark Corojo



Cohiba Robusto

Partagas PSD4

Bolivar Royal Corona

Ramon Allones Specially Select

Vegas Robaina Famoso

HdM Epicure 2

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as if a business trip to cancun wasnt sweet enough! 



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had a smooth evening with a davidoff short t




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First cigar of the year: a taboo lancero while sitting on my front porch enjoying the spectacular weather.

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The Federals are Tatuaje special release. One is a Reserva and the other a rosado. Supposed to be good after 2 weeks sleep.

I was brought into the box holding room and all the rare stuff appeared. Lots of Lost City, FFOX, AF BTL, etc.

I will probably burn the Tat Unico as I have not had one in awhile.

Have a good day brahs

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I've been waiting for my local shop to receive shipment of liga's FOREVER...one day I may have some

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cigarplace.biz brah

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