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Go with what Kydsid suggested for storage.  I think that with time, you'll find plenty of sticks which don't leave that lingering taste.  It also helps if you have a drink with the cigar as well.  since you just turned 18, I can't suggest alcoholic beverages (even if I love a pale ale to cleanse the palate), so I'll go with something like lemonade or a sprite with some sort of citrus.  Citrus cleanses the palate and gets rid of any lingering taste if you have a stick with the aftertaste. 


Cheers and happy smoking,


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Do I need propylene glycol for my humidor?


I can just use distilled water, right?  (Though obviously a 50/50 PG/Distilled Water solution would be best)



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heartfelt industries 65% humidity regulating beads are better by far.  You definitely don't want to use straight distilled water, you'll end up with WAY too much humidity.

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Ditto.  As far as I've heard, straight distilled water has a relative humidity of about 80 to 85%, which is way too high.




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A PG/distilled water mix would be best for those floral foam elements, while Heartfelt beads just need distilled water IME.


What are you guys smoking this weekend? I may burn a CAO America (left my 2005 Libertys at home) or a Padron 44th natural.


Happy 4th to all and be safe







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as it turns out, I smoked six of my Hoya's at the family reunion yesterday.  It was, needless to say, a great day.




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I had a monte #4 that had been hiding at the back of my vinotemp.
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I burnt a Cain F Nub Habano torpedo, a Padron 44th natural (last one) and a Kristoff Habano torpedo (pretty good cigar)

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Finally got something to humidify the humidor.




70% humidity at the moment.  Glad to know my cigars are now in livable conditions!

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I finally got my mitts on some Cohiba Behikes - they were launched in February at XII Habanos Festival, and I've only just managed to find them here in sunny South Africa :). They're made from the Medio Tiempo leaf and are a very limited release.


Both the 52 and 56 are seriously fine cigars, but the 54? Phew. Best damn smoke I've ever had. Sold a kidney and bought a box before they run out.


If any of you get the chance, I can highly recommend them!


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Burned my first Padron 80th maduro last night. No special occasion, girl just wanted me to have it. Was really good. Top 5 as far as Padrons go. I think I like the 40th maduro and 1926 No.2 maduro a little more though. The 45th maduro is up there as well.


going to burn some Tatuajes this weekend and maybe a couple of Olivas.

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Wow not a lot of action around this thread.  I just completed a move to the Houston area yesterday and celebrated with a SLR Regios and a Viaje 50/50 that I bought at the very nice B&M that happens to be down the street from the new apartment.


So psyched to have a B&M within a mile instead of 200 miles.



Hope all of my Head Fi BOTL have had some good smokes.

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Hey Jason, good to see you still on here. I hardly post at CA anymore. Mostly post in the cigar thread at bodybuilding.com


May have a Tatujae J21 today if my headache goes away. Trying to save for some new IEMs so no new cigar buys of late.


This is actually Bill. posted on girl's account by accident

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Hey all,

  Been quite a while since I posted here, unfortunately.  I cut back on my smoking frequency, mostly due to the constraints of grad school and the fact that my landlady doesn't allow smoking on the premises.  So as you might expect, not much to report.  Smoked a few PAM principes over the past few months and tried a Rocky Decade, which was decent if not a smoke I'll seek out.  Hope all is well with you.




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it's been a little quiet lately here.  i bet you guys been smoking


do you guys use lighter?  how is this one?





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