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I've read too much of your opinions...Now! Here is mine!

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Ok, for anyone who forgot that I bought a Senn 580 just last month and blame them for not sounding good...please refer here:
The reason I feel this is necessary is because I want you guys to know that I don't just praise anything I buy..and I think the above link shows that...or maybe too much of that
Now I will post my honest review after 1 month of listening.
Still, I don't have an amp for it (a Meta 42 is on its way though) and still I am listening straight out of my SoundBlaster Live!....so please bear that in mind...

I think the headphone sounds quite good now, especially with classical music. The sound is in good coherence, no coloration and refined. I never have the experience like some other people do when they put on a new set of headphone and start noticing things they've never heard before. That just doesn't happen to me and I don't think it will happen in the future. Everything I've heard in 580, I've heard it before from loudspeakers. I really don't put too much credit on people who claim to hear new things on a CD they've heard 1000 times before. The statements that some people make just sound exaggerating and I wouldn't go there. (That's why I call this an honest review). Mind you, 580 still doesn't sound good with rock music. I think the veil in these phones really do rock music injustice. I don't think the bass is that much of problem anymore but I certainly think it can be improved (hopefully that will happen when my Meta 42 arrive). I can understand people's frustration with 580 when they mostly listen to rock music. I just don't think 580 is made for rock music. I know this is baseless but it's so true once u try it.
Mind you, this review doesn't differ much from my previous impression. I don't know why I am posting this, maybe I just have too much time on my hand. I shall post another review once my Meta 42 arrive. And if it doesn't impress me I will say it like it is. U guys, however, will be held accountable for making my wallet thin
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We will await your review of your new smurfed HD600s (once you buy them).
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I think that your review was very helpful for those who listen to various forms of music!! A particualr set of cans is generally not suited for all types of music, so it's good to know what something is good at, as well as what it is not good at!! Both of these pieces of info are very helpful!! Thanks!!!
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get some grados and rock on!
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Originally posted by millerdog
get some grados and rock on!
Not when I listen to classical music 80% of time
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It's going to be pretty tough to listen to minute details when you have a set of can, albeit a nice set of cans, plugged directly into your soundblaster. I doubt that you'll ever be elated by hooking an amp up to the soundblaster.

It's like listening to really compressed mp3 with etys and complaining about why the etys do not sound so good.
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