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KICAS: Purity Audio

Gilmore Lite: used only, it is discontinued.  It pops up from time to time on the FS forum.

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It looks like the KICAS has been discontinued, the site is shut down. Looks like my only option is used. 

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the sunrise is a hybrid - no opamps - single tube, either 6v or 12v type, on the input.

more neutrality, try telefunken; more musicality, try mullard -- for me, a hybrid just sounds better than pure ss, but ymmv.

Originally Posted by MohawkUS View Post

I've already decided that I'm either getting the Little Dot MK V or the Mstage, I don't really want a warmer sound, so I'm sticking with SS.


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It really depends on what music you listen to, I listen to black, drone, and folk metal where I need the speed of my Ultrasones, along with the agressivness, and for the drone I need nice tight sub bass.

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i wouldn't recommend any amp that can't do very deep, tight bass ... that's one of the reasons why the matrix cube, despite its musicality, doesn't get my vote - the only question might be whether or not you perceive the sunrise to be 'fast' enough for you.  ofc, there are other equally compelling alternatives such as cth, but that's no longer available as a complete kit & used ones don't show up all that often.


despite the fact that it looks more like a toy than an amp, this baby absolutely punches with an e188cc.  even if u don't think this particular one is for u, i would still recommend a <good> hybrid amp

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Do hybrids do deep bass better than Solid State? I was under the impressions that tubes are slightly cut off at both extremes but excell in naturalness, which my PRO 2900 already sound as natural as I would want, any more and they would loose their aggression. 

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i wouldn't say better than ss, but i certainly don't find them (tubes) lacking wrt deep bass either (mind you, this is certainly dependent on tube type and cct implementation).  what i find that tubes bring to the table, more so than any other factor, is the sense of 'fullness' from the mid-bass throughout the midrange and the ability to 'flesh out' a 3d space - most ss designs despite impressive performance elsewhere sound 'thin' or w/o sufficient 'body', imo.


but your questions are good & don't take my word for it (or anyone else's for that matter).  find some place local where you can actually try & test some amps for yourself with your tunes at hand - local meet, audio club, etc. OR dive-in like most of us, and sorry for your wallet.

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Which Ultrasone has the most bass impact?


I don't need an all-rounder headphone, already found my ultimate HP, I just need a headphone specifically for hardstyle, speedcore and trance with deep bass impact and clear highs, don't even care about the mids.


Any thoughts?

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PRO 900 has the strongest bass out of all Ultrasones.

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Hey Mohawk.


here's a chance for you to try out a 'tube' amp (didn't read all the details, but looks like you can still get on the list)




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Originally Posted by Ultrazino View Post

PRO 900 has the strongest bass out of all Ultrasones.

Thanks!  It also looks like one of the best visually, from what I can see.

What's it like at higher volumes?

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I'm not sure that thats quite what I'm looking for sound wise, but I think I'll sign up for the loaner program, looks like a great way to try out the tube sound, there isn't anywhere local I could go.

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i'm not sure it's the equal of the sunrise (sonically), but it has other advantages ... portability for one.  all-in-all, i hope you get to try it .. should be fun.  

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Well, to heck with a building a shorter cable and all, I just reterminated my HFI-2400 with a Switchcraft 35HD plug and turned the leftover cable into an extension using a Switchcraft PCB jack.









Note: I should have used a couple layers of heatshrink on the cable so that it exits the Switchcraft plug more out of the center rather than to one side.  Well, whatever, I'm happier.

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Has anyone tried running Ultrastone Pro 750s on the Xonar Essence ST? I've had the setup for months, but without messing with the eq, they are way too bright and harsh.

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