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The LCD2s are great, but a bit foggy and humid relative to the Ed 8s. Emphasis on "relative to the Ed 8s."

I think the Audezes do hold back or cover up some digital problems (glare and piercing highs and hardness) by blunting things a bit, but in a very refined and skillful way,

but the slight cover-up is there nonetheless. (I think Harbeth speakers do the same thing, as an SHL5 owner. I have the same issues with the SHL5s.)

But the Ultrasones deal nicely with these digital artifacts while retaining more resolution somehow, a neat trick that I respect (and am kind of awed by, actually).

Nice work Ultrasone.

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Well, I've just ordered the PRO 2500's and so will soon join the group of Ultrasone owners!


I chose them over the HD650's, I hope I've made a good decicson.

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     I will be purchasing the 900 or 2900 in the next few days myself. Still trying to decide which one, but am leaning towards the 2900 as I definitely prefer an airier presentation for sure. I just wish there were more impressions of the 2900. I will be running these from an AGD Reference 9 and m-Stage modded into class A w/ opa627AP, fwiw. I'll keep you guys posted!



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Be very useful and get both. Curious how  the 2900 compare to the 900 on the Ref9 :)

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     If I could afford to get both, I'd probably opt for an LCD-2 instead. I always highly value your posts here, and I believe we have similar tastes/hearing based on a lot of what you've said. I'm a little biased though, because you and me seem to be about the only guys around here with a Reference 9!


     Can you give me some brief comparisons between your Audeze and Pro 900? Possibly some areas where they both outdo each other? Thanks again.




Edit: That being said, I think I'm gonna go with the 2900 and try to get more impressions going with it. I don't plan on Kees-ing it, but I will burn it in at least 400 hours and will probably buy a Blue Dragon cable to go with it as well.

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Learn from the master of headphone measuring: Dave Rat!


The frequency response of the PRO900 is curious, to say the least.









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Am I the only one getting pissed on how he throws around his headphones :p


BournePerfect It´s quite hard because they are quite different. Soundstaging/imaging the Pro 900 and just about all my dynamics incl my newly acquired CD 3000 does better. LCD-2 is not even close in this department.


LCD-2s focus is on bass/mid range where the 900 has more focus on the treble so a bit yin versus yang. LCD-2 is better at sounding organic and earth grounded and Pro 900 at sounding more etherreal. Mid range more forward on the LCD-2 despite it being a bit bassier then my KeeS modded Pro 900.


Just got the CD 3000 and it´s more of a straight competitor to the Pro 900 to my ears. Again has it´s own signature though :)

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Thanks for the imppressions, oqvist. Soundstaging and imaging are definitely important to me, as I intend to also use these for movies/games as well as music. Can you give me your thoughts on the mids (vocals/guitar especially) of the 900? That is my only concern with getting these phones, and I can't seem to find a concensus concerning this. Mainly I just wanna know if they are drowned out at all compared to the other frequencies like 'some' suggest. Are they detailed and neutral to your ears?



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In stock the bass can certainly cover up the lower mid range some. KeeS modded the lower midrange are still not as forward as on many other headphones but it´s all there more detailed then most in it´s priceclass. Not a master in quantity thus but it does have something special that brings out more emotion for movies then most other headphones I tried. But that´s just me :). Movies soundtracks it just transport me.


KeeS modded they are quite neutral though not LCD-2 neutral. LCD-2 have a bit of a recessed treble where the Pro 900 can get trebly. I don´t use the LCD-2 for movies/games much anymore. To heavy, soundstage issues plus they don´t isolate. My PS 3 and 360 is just as noisy as my PC sadly. LCD-2 I use mostly for CDs thus.



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Dave Rat's mike up the ear measure is similar to Headroom's frequency graph:




Don't your ears react to the +10 & -10 dB changes?

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Just received my HFi 2400! First impressions are honestly not as dramatic as I had expected. Maybe the headphones it replaced (HD202) was actually a decent pair of cans for the price. It's definitely better... I can hear some details I have never heard before. But supposedly these headphones get better with more burn in? Definitely excited for that.

One question though... do you think the Ibasso D4 Mamba is sufficient enough to drive the HFi 2400? Maybe that's my bottleneck.

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The HD202 are great budget cans, plus the HFI are softer and not as exacting with detail as are the PRO series. 

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She looks like she is enjoying her Ultrasone's.

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Originally Posted by slidesear View Post

She looks like she is enjoying her Ultrasone's.

That's perhaps the most psychologically scarring thing I've ever seen on Head-fi.


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Originally Posted by Anaxilus View Post

That's perhaps the most psychologically scarring thing I've ever seen on Head-fi.




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