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Originally Posted by Schalldämpfer View Post
Uh... there's a thin sheet of cloth on my 750...
That's part of the earpads. This mod puts a piece of fabric between the cup and the earpad piece.
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Originally Posted by Phraxos View Post
That's part of the earpads. This mod puts a piece of fabric between the cup and the earpad piece.
Aha! Understood. I was being an idiot as usual...
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Finally purchased PL2500

After going through this monster size entire thread, I was determined to try out the Ultrasone headphone. And finally, after few weeks of looking in the F/S section, I purchased PL2500 from fellow head-fier and just received it today. I have tried few of the major headphone companies' products and wanted to try out the different flavor this time. Out of Sennheiser, HD600 is my favorite, among Beyerdynamics, DT880 (older model)/250ohms, among IEMs, ER4S. But this PL2500 has different enough sound signature than rest of my other headphones and it is very enjoyable to listen to my ears. I am not sure if because of their S-Logic concept but it has nice presentation with sense of enlarged soundstage for me. I am not ready to sell all my other headphones but this Ultrasone will get regular rotation from now on.

One thing that I was little worry about this PL2500 was wear-comfort for long term usage. Despite of being little heavy side, this phone is very comfortable for me so far. I couldn't wear any Grado for very long time due to discomfort, no matter what I tried to make it comfortable. Same goes for AKG K81DJ and few others. After reading some of others' comment about Ultrasone, I was afraid that I am going to sell this phone soon also but I have a feeling this will stay with me for little longer. It was definitely surprise how much I like PL2500 moment I put it on and gave it a listen. So if there is anyone on the fence about trying out Ultrasone, all I can say is you need to try out for yourself and decide. I am not going to bore you about how it sounds since I can't add anymore than what others have already said. So go try out for yourself, you might be surprise how good it sounds or not.
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New Ultrasone Line-Up!

Just spotted these on the website of timelord, Ultrasone's Japanese distributor:

Ultrasone PRO550

Ultrasone PRO650

Ultrasone PRO750

Ultrasone PRO2500

Apparently, the new PROs come with a handy-dandy carrying case, as depicted here:

And that's not all folks. In addition to the HFI-450 that we've seen here recently, we can now add:







Phew, think I'll go have a lie-down!
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And here goes my hope they would come up with a genuine design and change that §$&+# headband

Instead they are adding eyecandy....
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They redesigned everything into the same as it already was!
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So... chrome on the PROlines, eh...?
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So, they turned Prolines to Blinglines. Not impressed.

Isnt that Proline 550 new too?
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Well....uhmm...yeah...blingbling...that's ugly!
Are these the new designs and by that meaning the old designs will no longer be available??
Hmmm...me not impressed.
Edit: The 580 does look kinda good. It looks a little like the ed9, so that's good!
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Sweet redesigns! I'm definitely going to have to get my hands on a pair of those HFI-580s!
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As I recall from a few months back, there was a blurb in a trade publication that had the Ultrasone CFO stating that the range would be refreshed cosmetically, which is exactly what seems to have been done.

At least from the photos we see here, it appears that the intention was to make the line-up more aesthetically consistent with the look of the Edition 9s.

I look forward to seeing them up close, since photos can be kinda tricky in rendering shiny objects...

The new numbering of much of the HFI series suggests to me that the changes there could go beyond cosmetic. The formerly curved termination of the ear cups is now flattened like the Edition 9s, so I'm guessing that these now have different sound signatures than their corresponding predecessors.

But I continue to be baffled as to why the 2200s remain in the HFI camp as opposed to the PROs...
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You're right about the pics versus shiny objects though the 650 looks very cheapy now. Would like to see them in real life as well. Maybe Hans will recieve them in a while or so...?
Nice to see some new products. Are there any prices available yet?
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I can see why shiny metal might be of some aesthetic concern, I am more set back by the Fisher-Price blue plastic on my 2500s. Mix that in with the RAL cabling I had done, which is in the pink family, and they are a sight to behold~
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Can I get that Proline 2500 in black, jeez ?! I mean they don't match anything in my room except for a pack of Starbucks chewing gum!

In case anyone here wondered why do Proline 2500s come in a really random color combination: http://www.digidesign.com/index.cfm?...&ref=mbox2f-hp
All of these guys' stuff comes in this color, and the equipment is the absolute studio standard.

But for my home I'd rather have a Proline in black, not fagly white/blue.
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The Prolines, especially the 2500/750 were originally designed for studio use. This is evidenced by Ultrasone making the cable to be easily user-changable, and providing two different cables in the package. Not to mention the extra set of pads. These are meant to be used.

The bright blue color makes the headphones easy to spot amongst a bevy of dark, non-descript, black/grey/silver gear. Just practical in that setting.

The new colors & bling seem to be a concession to the fact that Ultrasones are enjoying more home use now.
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