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Hmm, don't really have anything to get for the 80GB Video.
You can purchase a new battery, case etc... however i've found all that i've purchased from rapidrepair pretty useless and of poor quality. I've already said about thinskin (there is no protection with it) and clearvue (first one was not compatible with my ipod because of poor quality, haven't tried a second one); i've also ordered a "super-high-capacity battery" (works well, but although they're saying "Over 20% more battery life on a maximum charge", as i have found later, original ipod battery is the same 850mah) and "Crystal Case" (do not know what "hard resin" means, but what i have received was made of cheap plastic and completely useless because of small earphones hole, compatible only with small plugs; when ipod is in the case, i cannot connect my earphones to it because the connector won't go through the hole).
I've spend $60 on rapidrepair and got virtually nothing, the only product i've used was the battery (not because it is good, but because i've already installed it, and replacing a battery in ipod is such headache...)
In contrast, this ipod skins are really good, i have tried only one of the three, it works well for about three months (and i'm not sure if i will replace it at all), and such a satisfaction (compared to dissatisfaction of rapidrepair) is only for $11.
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I already have a skin on my 80GB, so yeah.

Specifically, this one.
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Just to make it clear, it seems that the skin on your link covers the screen (while my skin does not), but doesn't covers the backplate. Under the first (wrong) impression i've thought that they are the same.
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I already have a BSE on the video, so yeah.

Might just replace the battery, pop it all together and get a Griffin Reflect case. I don't watch videos on the video, so a darkened screen isn't a big problem for me.
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Well, i've mentioned screen protection as an advantage i'm not watching videos on video too, for that purpose i have a cell phone.
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How does my rockboxed iPod looks with its internals exposed to all!



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I bought one of those kits, a rear panel and an extended life from Rapidrepair for my 5.5G 30GB iPod. It sucks...


The kit arrived incomplete (center button piece was missing), I installed it with the original clickwheel & button (which would be no problem according to the rapidrepair website).

The fit & finish was absolutely horrible, worst I have ever seen on an aftermarket iPod housing.

The battery works, but looks cheap and performs that way too (about 75% runtime of the original, while my pod has a CF mod)

They do not respond to emails


I swapped the original faceplate back after enduring the horrible feel of the badly finished and worse fitting clear one for about a week.


It's pretty safe to say I won't be buying from Rapidrepair again.

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Totally agree with you on the (ill) fit of the faceplate. I had to insert foam underneath to stabilize the faceplate.

But, I totally like the geeky look of it!

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should have searched for this thread before i made my purchase frown.gif


i just ordered an ivue for the classic with extra back plate and battery. i just hope mine is complete and has a good fit.

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